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TEXAS: Landmarks and Legacies
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Mary L from Austin writes:
"You guys are awesome to do this!!!! I loved maps when I was young but then I lost interest in them ... Now I have gained that interest back!!!! ... Because of you! Thank You so much!!!!!!! Your fan, Mary L"

Kaitlyn from Lufkin writes:
"WOW!!! I really loved this site!!! It will help me so much with all of my school work next year!! I can't wait to come back and see it!!"

Antje from Drehnow (bei Cottbus, Germany) writes:
"Hi, I am Antje. I am a Serbin and are living in Dallas for a couple of month and would like to have contact with people from Germany! The church looks great, and I hope that I could visit it soon."

Pat from Lockhart, Tx writes:
"I am new to your site, but so far love it. I travel with my husband, taking pictures of the town's and Courthouse's, I have 32 now. I know only a dent in 250 in Texas, but....You know I hated history in school, but love it now. Wish I had listened in school. Good Luck with your Travels and your Web Site. Thank You, Pat M. "

Big Dave from Arkansas writes:
"You must had a lot of free time Bob. Very Proud of how you spent it."

Bill from Caldwell writes:
"I really enjoyed the site."

Ashley W. from Pearland, TX writes:
"This site makes Texas history fun!! "

Tessa from Denver, Colorado writes:
"I've lived in Waco,TX for almost ten yrs. Now, and I can say that this website has updated me on upcoming events. It has also helped me out a lot, thank you!"

Amber from Colorado writes:
"I think your info is enough to say, The Lone Star State is a Beauty. I'm moving to Texas this summer. Can't wait!"

Shawn from New York writes:
"I lived in Palacios, TX all my life until this past January. I love my new home, but I do miss Texas and return to visit as often as I can. This website is great, especially when I get a little homesick. Keep up the good work!"

Ken Latimer from Manheim, PA writes:
"My wife and I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. The website is nice. The pictures are really great. Takes me back to my growin' up days. Wishing you the best."

Manda from Canada writes:
"I think it needs more information. But what it has now is great!

** Thanks, Manda. I'm working hard at it webmaster."

Bill from Channelview writes:
"Your site is great. Its nice to get a part of home when you have been gone for so long. I am in the US Navy and in 4 years, after I retire, I am running back to the Great State of Texas as fast as I can. Thanks"

Bit Devine from Tucson, Arizona writes:
"What a great site! It helped me immensely in researching for a song, Texas Jamie, which we just debuted at the National Cowboy Dymposium in Lubbock. Keep up the great work! Catch Y'all On down the Trail, Catherine Lilbit Devine"

Uncle Lucius Band from Austin Tx writes:
"Great site. Found it accidentally surfing the mighty net. The web designers section is awesome. Some great web design tools in there."

Casey from Stationed in Iraq writes:
"I stumbled on your site ... just wanted to say Thanks!"

Mark Geuy from Houston, TX writes:
"Great Website, what can you say about Texas but only that it's the best place on earth. God Bless Texas!"

James from Lufkin writes:
"You're like the Google of Texas. You have a great site and a great concept. Keep up the good work! CIO:"

Laura from Lockhart, TX writes:
"Awsome site!!!!!!!!! Thank you for putting so much of your time and energy here for the rest of us to enjoy. "

Mary from Austin writes:
"You guys are awesome to do this!!!! I loved maps when I was young but then I lost interest in them. Now I have gained that interest back!!!! Because of you! Thank You so much!!!!!!! Your fan, Mary L.

(Webmaster Note: Thanks, Mary. By-the-way, there's only ONE of "Us Guys", But I'm thrilled to learn of your interest again in Maps. Me Too!)"

Rita Powell from san diego california writes:
"I love your website. I'm considering moving to Texas and would love feedback from anyone. I'm a little afraid because I'll be leaving the familiar but we can have our dream home build in Dallas at an affordable price. Please tell me if I can take the heat and bugs!

[Rita - You will LOVE Dallas. Bugs aren't too bad, and most places now have ... Air Conditioning! You'll love the evenings outdoors. ] "

Karen A from Ontario, Canada writes:
"I love texas. I have friends in Rankin, TX. I love them all. They're the greatest and helped me when there was no one else. The people of Texas are the greatest and the the land is beautiful all a cross the state. May God be with my friends and the people that helped me when I needed help! Karen-Jean"

Gaylene Schiller from Borger, Texas writes:
"This site is the best. I'm from Borger and this town is great for raising kids. I love all of TEXAS. On vacation we go all over Texas. It's wonderful "

Linda Roberts from Laurel, MD writes:
"I enjoyed this website. It was very interesting."

Don from Coventry, RI writes:
"I love this site. A one stop shop for all the information you could possibly need about Texas. I'm considering a move to Texas and I'm interested on any information about Friendswood in Galveston County. That's where I'd like to go, but I would really like to hear from others about what it's like. If anyone knows where I can get more information, please let me know!

Don Wheeler, Rhode Island"

Mary Lee from Harlingen, Texas writes:
"I was born in north Texas (Borger, to be exact) and we ended up moving to the very bottom of Texas when I was 5. We made many trips back-n-forth to see relatives and to enjoy the countryside of Texas, from bottom to top, and back down again. Love your web site! There's no place like Texas!"

Monica from Bedford , Texas writes:
"I love Texas. Texas is the best there is but we need to get more stuff for kids to do!!

(The Webmaster agrees - and is working on more stuff for kids)"

Dave Chavez from Waco writes:
"You have done Texas well. If only all Texans had the passion you have for the greatest state in the union. "

Muriel Anne Miller from Blue Mound writes:
"I love Texas. It is truly God's country....This is an awesome website and I enjoyed the pictures. Lots of great ideas for daytrips in our wonderful state.... Thank you."

Skyler Waldo from Texas writes:
"I love this web site its so cool!!! Texas is the best like my social studies teacher says, its a pride facter. "

Dena Jackson Burrows from Romayor, Tx/area writes:
"Thanks so much for putting together this excellent site! I was amazed to see you had 'Ace' Texas listed! Romayor is the next 'blink your eye you'll miss it' spot in the road. I actually grew up about 6 miles 'back in the woods' from there, across the Trinity River Bridge. It always amazes me when the area is mentioned anywhere. Your site is fantastic. We need more 'Texas' sites. Good job, well done. Dena Jackson Burrows "

Ann from California writes:
"You should have your map on US GENWEB! Every state should have this! I was able to use locality as clues for finding ancestors and their close proximity to each other. My Gr. Grandparents were being raised as children in neighboring counties and then met and married. We had completely lost all contact with these lines as my Dad's mother was killed in an auto accident in 1931 (he was 5) and never saw any of her family again. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!! "

Johnie Preston from Phoenix, AZ writes:
"I live in Arizona, but I love to drive through Texas. Lots of things to see and do! "

Wanda A. from Chicota, near Paris, Texas writes:
"Beautiful, Beautiful Texas. I live in the Big City of Dallas but wish I were living in one of the country towns. I would say that there's nothing any more beautiful than East Texas. Thanks for your Website"

Kathleen Kendle from Seattle, WA writes:
"I really enjoyed your web site....came across it by accident as I was looking for some pictures of home...I'm actually from East Texas, but make my way back to family in Austin at least once a year...I'll be retiring soon and can hardly wait to move home...43 years in the wilderness is long enough to be away!! Your site will help pass the time.."

Becky from Angleton, now in ARK writes:
"I miss my home town very much. I am hopeing to live there again soon. This is a great site for me. To all my homies!! SUP? holla at me ya'll"

Amy from Not in Texas, but missing it writes:
"Your site made me very, very homesick. I've been away from Texas for 6 years and I still miss it terribly. I love your picture of the Texas sunset. Made me cry. Wonderful, wonderful site. I will enjoy coming back to it for a quick Texas fix."

Crystal from Texas writes:
"It's Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!"

A1C Doyce L Powell from Laughlin AFB, Del Rio writes:
"Hey you have a great site here. I'm originally from Texas and ended up getting stationed here. Thanks for doing Texas proud."

Debra Coppinger Hill from Way North Texas/Chelsea, Oklahoma writes:
"How delightful to see my name on your site! My ancestors are from Texas and though I was born in Oklahoma, I have deep roots in your state. We lived there off and on for 9 years and visit every chance we get. I will perform in Blanco Sept 20 and Tioga Sept 27...we are always looking for reasons to cross the Red and spend time there. I am also the mother ot a Native Born Texan, with my son being born in Fort Worth. Thanks for all you do to promote Texas and Texas related events as well as Cowboy Poetry! We appreciate you!
Debra Coppinger Hill "

Hal Swift from Sparks, Nevada writes:
"I'm pleasantly surprised to find myself listed on your site. Obviously, you know your way around the world of cowboy poetry, and I'm flattered at your kind comments about mine. Thank you for that. By the way, I lived in Austin when the Armadillo closed. It was a sad time for a lotta folks. One of my poems, "Tex" gives some of the flavor of the place. It really was a Texas Landmark, and the brief life it lived truly left a legacy for many. "Tex" is online at CowboyPoetry.Com. Thanks again for your kind words. Hal  "

John from Houston writes:
"Excellent website. Very friendly. Have looked long and hard for an interactive Texas county map, and have found a superb one. Thanks!"

Judy Hardy (Bailey) from Chaparral, New Mexico writes:
"I was born in Oklahoma but raised in different towns of Texas. Wichita Falls and Borger, Texas. My parents left Borger when I was 17 yrs old for California --- better jobs. I miss my home town of Borger and I miss California. I think that Texas has the best Web sights ever. "

Ulysses Carrio from Centralia Washington writes:
"I'm moving to San Antonio next month when the Texans get down to building the new powerplant. Like Your Site. "

Frances Morris from Lake Helen, Florida writes:
"Born and raised in Texas around Bryan and Hempstead. Had to leave and would want to be back. Maybe someday. Love to drive the Farm to market roads. "

Kim H Jones from All over this Great State of Texas writes:
"Just wanted to tell ya, that your site is Great! It shows your passion for this State of our's... and from one native Texan, to another...That's a beautiful thing. I'm taking this winter to spend some time in the ranch country of north central Texas, to do some art work.....I'll let you know what comes out of it.

All good things

Angela from Rockhampton - Central Queensland - Australia writes:
"These pages assisted me greatly to find my way around Texas and look forward to seeing for myself when I visit your grand land"

Sherry from Arkansas writes:
"While running across your page was quite accidental, it was a pure delight once found. I hate the pages where you have to remember names. ... Your page, it`s terrific, so you're receiving only praise much deserved! I`m just glad I ran across it!"

Bob from TEXAS: Landmarks and Legacies writes:
"Welcome to the TEXAS: Landmarks and Legacies Visitor's Guestbook. I hope you enjoy Texas, as much as I enjoyed creating this web site. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to me by e-mail. My address is Thanks again. "

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