by Hal Swift

They's this ol' boy from San Angelo
When he cussed, always said, Dadgumit
That was the worst that he'd ever say
An' he never once veered from it

First name was Harley, last name, Larue
A fine, upstandin' young man
Whose clean-cut ways soon caught the gaze
Of a lovely young lady named Nan

But the kid was blind to all of 'er smiles
Not knowin' that they was fer him
So she was perplexed, an' a little bit vexed
Cuz he wouldn't shur-shay la femm

Now, Bullet Mulrooney had other idees
He favored Miss Nan fer hisself
He had 'im a ranch, and a thousand cows
An' thought that she'd go fer 'is wealth

He thought Harley was some kind a wimp
He could shame in Miss Nan's eyes
So he challenged the kid in the gen'ral store
An' the lady, he said was the prize

Dadgumit! said Harley, You watch yer mouth 
Cuz that ain't a nice thing t'say
When we heard that, we all moved back
So's we wouldn't get in the kid's way

Bullet was wrong when he thought Harley
Was a wimp cuz he never would swear
Dadgumit's the word that many had heard
Just before Harley'd parted their hair

Bullet slapped leather, then wished that he'd not
Cuz Harley was faster than light
He shot Bullet's pistol right out of 'is hand
An' that was the end a' the fight

When Miss Nan heard what happened that day
She said her emotions was mixed
She liked it that Harley had stuck up for her
But gunplay was somethin' she nixed

She said, I love you, An' this day's all done
But somethin' that you should git from it
Is fightin's okay if they's no other way
But it's better to jist say, Dadgumit!