Essays on Life and Faith
by Bob Cozby

Only Human?
Not Entirely

Noone's Perfect
But God's Working on it

Lowering Our Standards
Redefining Sin to Suit the Sinner

Inner Guidance
The Law vs The Spirit

If Thy Eye Offend Thee
Enabling Our Weaknesses

The Parable of the Leaven
Most People Just Don't Get It

A Second Opinion

When the Call Comes
The Bucket Brigade For the Church

Love and Understanding
Rethinking Your Priorities

Time and Change
The Very Essence of Living

Our Kids and Drugs
Are We Responsible for the Problem?

Upgrading Our Lives
Is Good Ever Good Enough?

Defining "Rights"
Changing The Definitions to Suit The Lifestyle

Judging Others
When Medling becomes Love

Written by Bob Cozby ©1998-2007. All Rights Reserved