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March 20 1987
Country Yodeler, Kenneth Threadgill, dies
On this date in 1987, Kenneth Treadgill country singer, yodeler and founder of Threadgills in Austin, died. Janis Joplin first performed at ...
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March 20 1721
Spanish Expedition drives French out of Texas
On this date in 1721, governor Aguayo of Coahuila crossed into Texas with the purpose of driving the French out of East Texas. He does so wi ...
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March 20 1935
Texas Weslyan College becomes Co-ed
On this date in 1935, Texas Weslyan College (then known as Texas Woman's College), became coed and took on it's current name. ...
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March 20 1941
Morris Sheppard Dam at Possum Kingdom is Finsihed
Morris Sheppard Dam, which holds back the waters of Possum Kingdom Lake in Palo Pinto County was completed on this date in 1941. Morris Shep ...
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March 20 1955
Texas Author and Archivist dies at 64
Harriet Wingfield Smither, archivist, scholar, author, and historian for Texas, and fifty-four year archivist for the Texas State Library, d ...
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