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April 21 1836
Texans Whips Santa Anna at San Jacinto
On this date in 1836, Texas forces, under Sam Houston, overtook and defeated the Mexican Army, led by Santa Anna, in the Battle of San Jacin ...
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April 21 1836
Emily Morgan distracts Santa Anna. Texans Win!
On this date in 1836, as legend has it, Emily Morgan, a mulato slave girl (the yellow rose) captured by the Mexican Army, was brought to San ...
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April 21 1921
Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars founded.
On this date in 1921, the Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars was officially founded. ...
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April 21 1939
San Jacinto Monument Dedicated at Houston
On this date in 1939, the San Jacinto Monument overlooking the battleground where Texas won its independence from Mexico, is formall dedicat ...
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April 21 1941
Sam Houston's son appointed U.S. Senator
Following the death of Senator Morris Sheppard on April 9th, Governor O'Daniel appoints the 87 year old son of Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson H ...
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