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The images at this site are all copyrighted ©1998-2003 by Bob Cozby. You may use any image on this page providing that you must add a link from your site to TEXAS: Landmarks and Legacies. The link can be either a standard text link, or you may use any of our link buttons. To see our link images and see sample code to add to your page, Click Here.

You may NOT include any of these images to a Clipart index. You may, however, use any image on these clipart indexes for personal non-commercial purposes. You may NOT use the images located on any other pages on this website, such as the background image, or my photographs. These images are part of my trademark and are not to be used. Please feel free to use any of the images below or the buttons provided on the Link Buttons page.

I will be adding more images from Time to Time. I am not an artist as mush as a cartographer, so my images are mostly Texas shapes. If you have a project where you would like to use my images for commercial purposes, or would like me to design a special background or logo, please contact me at webmaster@howdyyall.com. You will find me easy to work with so long as my tradmark/copyright is not violated.

So are the images. Enjoy.

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