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Vol 8, No 101 April 11, 1994 Monday Evening
New Ballpark in Arlington Opens
The Red Fox dies in Shootout at Parents' Home
KOUNTZE Click Here to follow "Red Fox" back in Time  (1940)     In 1939, Thomas Jefferson "Red" Goleman and two friends killed an oil field worker in a brawl in Corpus Christi. Later that year, he and a friend robbed the Hull State Bank, locking two tellers in the vault. Goleman escaped into the swamps of East Texas, earning him the nickname "The Red Fox".
   For a year, Goleman continued his crime spree, being captured twice, but jumping bail both times.
   In April 1940, authorities caught up to Goleman at his parent's home near Kountze and the man known as the Red Fox died in a hale of gunfire, on this date in 1940.

The Ballpark in Arlington
ARLINGTON Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" back in Time(1994)Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" forward in Time  On this date in 1994, The Texas Rangers played their first regular season game in the new Ballpark in Arlington. For this, their 1994 season opener, Van Cliburn played the National Anthem on a grand piano placed over home plate, and the former Ranger legend, Nolan Ryan, threw out the first pitch.
   Ryan retired at the end of the previous (1993) season, and never played in the new Ballpark. To honor their future hall-of-famer, the Rangers erected a statue of Ryan in the walkway behind center field, and the City of Arlington named the street in front of the Ballpark, "Nolan Ryan Expressway".
   By the end of the their season opener, and their first game in the new ballpark, the Rangers lost to the Milwaukee Brewers, 4-3.
   It would be another 16 years (2010) before the Rangers won their first World Series game in the new ballpark, eventually losing their first World Series to the giants, 4 games to 1.  
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Media Desk
With 18 Newspapers, Galveston is Booming
GALVESTON Click Here to follow "Newspapers" back in Time (1842) Click Here to follow "Newspapers" forward in Time  Between 1838 and 1842, 18 newspapers were started in Galveston. On this date in 1842, The Galveston News was founded and remains today as the only survivor among the early newspapers. It also holds the honor of being Texas' oldest surviving business. The Galveston News is now published as The Galveston County Daily News.

National Desk
Medina River is named by De Leon
MEXICO CITY   (1689)    On this date in 1689, Alonso de Leon names the Medina river for an Italian astronomer (Pedro de Medina) whose navigation tables De Leon used.

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President Lincoln Speaks to Crowds
WASHINGTON DC   (1865) Click Here to follow "Booth" forward in Time  Following the surrender of Lee, President Lincoln addressing a crowd outside the White House, suggested that some blacks should be given the right to vote. In the crowd for Lincoln's address, was John Wilkes Booth, an avowed racist.
   Originally Booth planned to kidnap Lincoln and hold him in exchange for Confederate prisoners, but with the end of the war, and the prospects of former slaves being given voting rights, Booth made up his mind to kill Lincoln. Three days later, on Good Friday, Booth entered the President's viewing box at the Ford theater in Washington, then shot and killed the President. He fled, and was finally killed 12 days later in Virginia.
   There is mounting evidence that Booth was in fact, not killed in Virginia, but escaped to Grandbury, Texas, where he gave a dying confession to the assassination, but surviving, fled to Bandera where he taught school. Fearing capture there, fled to Eden, Texas, and finally to Oklahoma, where he died. His body became part of the traveling freak show, where 10,000 dollars was offered to anyone who could prove that the body on display was in fact, NOT that of John Wilkes Booth.
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