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Vol 8, No 163 June 12, 1997 Thursday Evening
Arlington Hosts First Interleague Game
Doug Michels, creator of the Cadillac Ranch dies
EDEN BAY, AUS Click Here to follow "Cadillac Ranch" back in Time  (2003)  Click Here to follow "Cadillac Ranch" forward in Time  On this date in 2003, Doug Michels, founding member of the San Francisco artist' collective, The Ant Farm, died while climbing to a whale observation point at Eden Bay, Australia. In 1974, helium millionare, Stanley Marsh 3 (never liked the "III") hired Michels and The Ant Farm to construct the infamous "Cadillac Ranch" near Amarillo along an old stretch of legendary Route 66.
   In memoriam to Michels, Stanley March 3 had the 10 Cadillacs at the ranch, (which were painted to their original colors in 2002), repainted black.
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Born This Date
President Bush (Number 41) born
MILTON, MASS   (1924) Click Here to follow "Bush 41" forward in Time  On this date in 1924, George H W Bush (affectionately known in the family as "Number 41") was born, son of Prescott S. Bush, Republican senator from Connecticut.
   Bush became Ambassador to the United Nations and later, Vice President under Ronald Reagan before winning election in 1988 as the 41st President.
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Rangers vs Giants
ARLINGTON  (1997)   On this date in 1997, major league baseball shattered a 125 year tradition. For the first time, teams from The American League and The National League, would compete during the regular season, in what is termed Interleague Play.
   The first National League team to set foot in an American League stadium (aside from a world series) was the San Francisco Giants, who came to the Ballpark in Arlington to take on the Texas Rangers. The Rangers' pitcher Darren Oliver started the game, and the Giants outfielder Glenallen Hill became the first National League designated hitter to play in a regular season game. The game ended with the Giants on top, 4-3.
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Roosevelt Speaks at San Jacinto
HOUSTON   (1936)    As part of the Texas Centennial, President Franklin Roosevelt spoke to a crowd at the San Jacinto battlefield on this date in 1936.