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Vol 8, No 273 September 30, 1959 Wednesday Evening
Magnolia Petroleum merges into Mobil
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Astro, Craig Biggio retires after 20 seasons
HOUSTON Click Here to follow "Astros" back in Time (2007)    On this date in 2007, Houston Astros outfielder Craig Biggio retired, following an illustrious 20 year career where he became the all-time Astro leader in number of games played, number of at-bats, hits (3060), doubles (668) and total bases. His final game with the Astros drew a crowd of 43,823, the largest crowd in the park's 7-year history.    More about "Astros" on the Web

12,500 employees effected
DALLAS Click Here to follow "Oil Industry" back in Time(1959)Click Here to follow "Oil Industry" forward in Time  On this date in 1959, Magnolia Petroleum, a company which has roots to the earliest discoveries of oil in Texas, merged with Mobile Oil Company. The nearly 10,000 miles of pipeline owned by Magnolia will remain as an affiliate company. More of "Oil Industry" on the Web