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Vol 8, No 164 June 13, 1791 Monday Evening
Mission San Antonio founded
Today in Sports
Clemens gets 300th win and 4,000 SO on Same Night
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Roger Clemens" back in Time (2003) Click Here to follow "Roger Clemens" forward in Time  On this date in 2003, former University of Texas great, Roger Clemens, now pitching for the New York Yankees, pitched his 4,000th career strike-out. Only two other pictures in major league history, Steve Carlton, and Nolan Ryan, have reached the 4,000 mark. But Clemens took it one better, recording his 300th win on the same night.    More about "Roger Clemens" on the Web

Born This Date
Future Governor, Miriam Ferguson born
AUSTIN   (1875) Click Here to follow "Ma Ferguson" forward in Time  On this date in 1875, Future Governor Miriam Ferguson was born. Widely known as "Ma" Ferguson, she ran for governor in 1924 to clear her husbands name who had been forced from office. She was Texas' first woman Governor.

Mission and River Named
SAN ANTONIO  (1691)   On this date in 1691, Don Domingo Teran de Los Rios founded a mission at the headwaters of a beautiful river surrounded by lush plains. Since June 13th was sacred to the Catholic Church as the day of Saint Anthony of Dadua, Los Rios named the river and the mission along its banks "San Antonio". The town that grew up around the mission retained the name. Today San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas.