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Vol 8, No 176 June 24, 1880 Thursday Evening
Author of State Song, John Marsh born in 1880
Born This Date
Charles Whitman born
LAKE WORTH, FL   (1941) Click Here to follow "UT Shooting" forward in Time  On this date in 1941, Charles Whitman was born.
   In 1966, Whitman shot his way to the observation deck of the 31st floor University of Texas tower, and began shooting his high powered rifle at anyone within blocks of the tower.
   Eventually, law enforcement officials made their way to the observation deck, killing Whitman and stopping a rampage that left 14 dead and 31 injured, including Whitman's wife and mother whom he killed earlier in the day.
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William John Marsh born
LONDON, ENG  (1880)Click Here to follow "William John Marsh" forward in Time  On this date in 1880 William John March, composer of the State Song of Texas, "Texas Our Texas" was born in England.
   March migrated to Fort Worth in 1907, where he later became a professor at Texas Christian University. He wrote "Texas Our Texas in 1924. In 1929, the Texas Legislature officially adopted the songs as the official State Song.
   John Phillip Sousa described the song as the finest state song he had ever heard.
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Education Desk
Paris Junior College Established
PARIS   (1924)    On this date in 1924, Paris Junior College was established.