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Vol 8, No 346 December 12, 1895 Thursday Evening
Ketchum Gang Kills John Powers Near San Angelo
Today in Sports
Sam Baugh selected by Redskins in Round One
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Sam Baugh" back in Time (1936) Click Here to follow "Sam Baugh" forward in Time  On this date in 1936, TCU quarterback Sam Baugh was picked by the Boston (yes, Boston) Redskins in the first round of the NFL Draft. Baugh led TCU to a National Championship, and a record of 29-7-2 over his college career.
   In Feb, 1937, The Boston Redskins moved to Washington, where Baugh led the Redskins to an NFL Championship in his rookie year.
   Baugh was a legendary passer, and changed the game of football forever. Prior to Sam Baugh, football was played in the trenches, with short passes and lots of runs. Baugh made the medium and long pass a serious weapon in the football arsenal.

Cattleman Charles Goodnight dies at 93
PHOENIX AZ Click Here to follow "Charles Goodnight" back in Time  (1929)     On this date in 1929, Cattleman Charles Goodnight died at his winter home in Phoenix, Arizona.
   At an early age, Goodnight partnered with Oliver Loving and later John Chisum to drive cattle from Texas and the Southwest to the railheads in Kansas. Later he launched a huge cattle ranch in the Palo Duro Canyon, owning a million acres, and over 100,000 head of cattle.
   Goodnight was buried next to his first wife, Molly, at Goodnight Community Cemetary. He leaves a widow, Corrine, age 28.
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Black Jack Ketchum
SAN ANGELO Click Here to follow "Black Jack" back in Time(1895)Click Here to follow "Black Jack" forward in Time  On this date in 1895, notorious train robber, Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum and some of his gang shot and killed their neighbor John N "Jap" Powers near the Ketchum home in Tom Green County, Texas.
   Ever since their Santa Fe train robbery in 1892 which netted the gang $20,000, Tom and Sam Ketchum and their gang had been living it up. Tom had become respected (and even admired) by members of society in northeast New Mexico and Texas where he hung out. None of the locals, however, knew of his other outlaw life.
   But now, with a murder tied to the Ketchums, they fled to Arizona. Enroute, they were hired as ranch hands in New Mexico. Within a year as ranch hands, they quit, stole some supplies, and took to robbing again.
   In June 1896, the Ketchum brothers robbed the store and post office in the small town of Liberty, New Mexico. Now, with the owner of the store and the posse in pursuit, they made their way to the Pecos river. There a gun fight took place leaving most of the posse dead.
   The Ketchums then headed for Arizona where they occasionally rode with the famed Hole in the Wall Gang.
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