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Vol 8, No 329 November 25, 1999 Thursday Evening
Vigil at A&M remembers victims of Aggie Bonfire
40,000 Candles Lit
COLLEGE STATION Click Here to follow "Texas A&M" back in Time(1999)Click Here to follow "Texas A&M" forward in Time  On this date in 1999, 40,000 candles were lit near the site where a week before 12 students died in the collapse of the log "stack" being construction for Aggie Bonfire. The Bonfire, an annual event for over 90 years at Texas A&M, was constructed each year before the football game with the University of Texas. But this year, at 2:00 am on November 18th, the 5,000 logs collapsed, killing 12 and injuring 27. With the assistance of over 50 television news trucks, the entire nation watched in horror as the victims were removed from the pile of logs. The tradition of an on-campus Bonfire was discontinued, and today, at the site of the tragedy, is a memorial in tribute to those who died at the 1999 Bonfire. More of "Texas A&M" on the Web
Military Desk
Santa Anna dispatched to Washington
NACOGDOCHES Click Here to follow "Revolution" back in Time (1836) Click Here to follow "Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1835, Santa Anna, captured at the battle of San Jacinto, is released from Texas custody, and dispatched to Washington, where he has agreed to speak to Congress on behalf of US recognition of the now independent Texas.

Political Desk
Texas receives $10 Million for northwest lands
WASHINGTON DC   (1850)    Heavily in debt left over from the Republic, the State of Texas on this date in 1850, agreed to relinquish claim to lands now located in New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming in exchange for $10 million. Upon joining the union, Texas was over $8 million in debt and it's paper money was worthless. Part of the "Compromise of 1850", this action wipes out that dept, and establishes the borders of Texas, more or less, to the easily recognizable shape we have all grown to know. Other portions of the Compromise deal with slave holding and free states, and rules for admission of new states to the Union.