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Vol 8, No 178 June 27, 1874 Saturday Evening
Buffalo Hunters Thwart Indian Attack
Battle of Adobe Walls
STINNET Click Here to follow "Quanah Parker" back in Time(1874)   On this date in 1874, a group of 28 buffalo hunters were attacked and surrounded by a band of over 100 Indians, led by Chief Quanah Parker. In the battle that ensued, the hunters who were holed up in a few adobe huts used their long buffalo guns to kill thirty of the Indian attackers.
   After several days, hunter Billy Dixon used his .50 caliber Sharps rifle against a line of chiefs watching from a hilltop a mile away. To everyone's surprise, most especially the Indians who thought themselves invulnerable, one of the chiefs on the hill dropped to the ground. Soon the Indians withdrew, and chief Isa-tai who promised that the raiding party would be invulnerable, was killed by his other Cheyenne chiefs. Dixon himself later related to his wife that the range of the famed shot was closer to 2/3 of a mile. Still not bad shooting.
   The range and accuracy of the Sharp rifle was so superior to other rifles at the time that soon the term "Sharpshooter" entered into the culture, no doubt in part due to the straight shooting of men like Billy Dixon.
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Veterans Desk
Reunion at Somerville for Hoods Brigade
SOMERVILLE Click Here to follow "Hoods Brigade" back in Time (1906)    On June 27-28, 1906, 74 veterans of Hood's Texas Brigade joined in an annual reunion which began in 1872 and continued until 1934. The two day event directed by the association president R A Brantley, Sr, and his daughter Mrs Norton B Wellborn, included speeches, a baseball game, and a grand ball.

Weather Desk
Rains Cause Record Flooding on the Brazos
WACO   (1899)    For five days in 1899, storms with an average of 17 inches of rain, drench over 7,000 square miles of central Texas causing the worst flooding on the Brazos river on record. Some towns recorded up to 30 inches of rain.

Hurricane Audrey hits Louisiana, Southeast Texas
BEAUMONT Click Here to follow "Hurricanes" back in Time (1957) Click Here to follow "Hurricanes" forward in Time  On this date in 1957, hurricane Audrey struck the Texas and Louisiana coasts, leaving extensive flooding, but with minimal loss of life.