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Vol 8, No 350 December 16, 1826 Saturday Evening
Rebellion squashed by Mexican Authorities
The Fredonia Rebellion
NACOGDOCHES  (1826)   On this date in 1826, landowners near Nacogdoches fearing they were about to lose their lands to the Mexican government, rode into Nacogdoches delaring the free and independent Republic of Fredonia. Led by Benjamin Edwards whose brother, Haden, had received a large grant east of Nacogcoches, the "Fredonia Rebellion" was quickly put down by the Mexican Authorities, with Benjamin fleeing to Louisiana.
Railroads Desk
Rock Island Line is chartered. Soon runs in Texas
WILMINGTON DE Click Here to follow "Rock Island" back in Time (1947) Click Here to follow "Rock Island" forward in Time  The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (the Rock Island Line) was chartered on this date in Delaware. It soon becomes a major railroad in Texas serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Amarillo and El Paso.