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Vol 8, No 279 October 6, 1999 Wednesday Evening
Houston wins new NFL Franchise, will be the Texans
Today in Sports
Congress hears Testimony in Antri-Trust claim
WASHINGTON DC   (1966)    On this date in 1966, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle in papers presented before the Anti-Trust Subcommittee of the 89th Congress, second session, presented testimony that the new AFL-NFL merger would NOT results in teams moving to new cities, and present stadiums holding as few as 50,000 people would be adequate for the new league. The merger was eventually approved by the committee. Despite Rozelle assurances, ten teams have since relocated, and another eleven cities have been force to pay billions for new stadiums to keep teams threatening moves. Among cities who have paid billions to gain or retain teams are Houston and Arlington, Texas.

The Houston Texans born
ATLANTA GA  (1999)   On this date in 1999, NFL owners meeting in Atlanta, voted 29-0 to award a 32nd NFL franchise and the 2004 Super Bowl to Houston. An offer of an expansion team was extended to Los Angeles back in March, but only if they could put an acceptable package together by September 15th, otherwise the offer would be extended to Houston. By the time the expansion committe met on September 15th, Los Angeles had raised $540 million for a franchise, but Houston was ready with $700 million. By a vote of 29-0, the committee awarded the new NFL franchise to Houston. In deference to Lamar Hunt's Dallas Texans of the 1960s, owners sought and received permission to use the "Texans" for their new team. More of "AFL" on the Web
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Texas Prison Rodeo opens in Huntsville
HUNTSVILLE Click Here to follow "Prisons" back in Time (1935)    On this date in 1935, the Texas Prison Rodeo opened in Huntsville with inmates performing as stunt riders, competitors, and rodeo clowns.

Military Desk
Sam Houston buys General's uniform in New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS LA Click Here to follow "Sam Houston" back in Time (1835) Click Here to follow "Sam Houston" forward in Time  On this date in 1835, on a trip to New Orleans, Sam Houston purchases a general's uniform after being named Commander-in-Chief by the Nacogdoches "Committee of Vigilance."   More about "Sam Houston" on the Web