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Vol 8, No 310 November 5, 1960 Saturday Evening
Johnny Horton killed in car accident
Singer Billy Guy of the Coasters dies
LAS VEGAS NV    (2002)     On this date in 2002, Frank Phillips died. Better known as the baritone Billy Guy of the Coasters, he was part of a revolution in music.
   The Coasters were at the cutting edge of Rock and Roll with their hits "Charlie Brown" and "Yakety Yak", and one of the first black group to cross over from Rhythm and Blues to mainstream Rock and Roll.
   Frank Phillips was born in Itasca, Texas in 1936.
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Johnny Horton killed
CAMERON Click Here to follow "Johnny Horton" back in Time(1960)   Country great, Johnny Horton was killed in a tragic car accident on this date in 1960. A long time resident of Tyler, he was a regular on the Louisiana Hayride.
   In the early 1960s, Horton recorded the smash hits "The Battle of New Orleans" and "North to Alaska".
   Horton died in a car wreck on the Little River Bridge on US 79, near Milano on his way from the Austin Skyline club, to a performance in Shreveport Louisiana.
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Edie Brickell from Dallas on Saturday Night Live
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Edie Brickell" back in Time (1988) Click Here to follow "Edie Brickell" forward in Time  On this date in 1988, Edit Brickell and the New Bohemians from Dallas, were the musical guests on NBC's Saturday Night Live. Brickell sang lead on their hit song "What I Am".
   In 1990, Brickell married Paul Simon, a regular guest on the show and native of New York. They have 3 children.
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