Texas Landmarks and Legacies - Today in Texas History
Vol 8, No 233 August 20, 1976 Friday Evening
Texas and Pacific merged into new MoPac
Born This Date
Congressman Ron Paul born today
LAKE JACKSON   (1935)    On this date in 1935, future Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul from Lake Jackson, is born.
Jim Reeves born in Galloway
HENDERSON   (1923) Click Here to follow "Jim Reeves" forward in Time  On this date in 1923, Gentleman Jim Reeves (born James Travis Reeves) was born in Galloway in Panola County. His mellow sound was legendary. He is known for such hits as "Four Walls", "He'll Have to Go". Jim died in a plane crash in 1964.    More about "Jim Reeves on the Web

T&P, C&EI form new MoPac
FORT WORTH Click Here to follow "Texas & Pacific" back in Time(1976)   The Texas and Pacific railroad, which was chartered almost 100 years before, was merged with the Chicago & Eastern Illinois and the Missouri Pacific Railroads on this date in 1976. The merger will now be named Missouri Pacific Railway System (MoPac), and extend throughout the Midwest, Texas, Colorado, and Illinois. A decade later, the Missouri Pacific Railway System became part of the Union Pacific.