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Vol 8, No 81 March 22, 1910 Tuesday Evening
Fire Destroys Main building at TCU in Waco
TCU looks for new Home
WACO  (1910)Click Here to follow "TCU" forward in Time  On this date in 1910, at 8:30 AM, a fire destroyed the main building of Texas Christian University which had only located to Waco eight years before.
   Following the fire, the City of Fort Worth made a generous offer of assistance, and for the 1910-11 school year classes were held in rented space until a new campus was built in Fort Worth.
   On September 6, 1911 the new campus was opened at its present location in Fort Worth.
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Society Desk
San Antonio Conservation Society Founded
SAN ANTONIO   (1924)    On this date in 1924, the San Antonio Conservation Society was founded to help in the preservation of historic buildings and homes in that city.