Texas Landmarks and Legacies - Today in Texas History
Vol 8, No 254 September 11, 2001 Tuesday Evening
World Trade Center in New York attacked
Born This Date
Thomas Wade Landry born in Mission
MISSON   (1924) Click Here to follow "Dallas Cowboys" forward in Time  On this date in 1924, Tom Landry was born in Mission in the Rio Grande Valley. He graduated from Mission High School in 1942 where he was president of his Senior Class and member of the National Honor Society. Landry playing fullback in high school, where his team outscored their opponents 322-0 during his senior year. He played in the All-American Football Conference, and when it folded he was picked up by the New York Giants, where in 1954, he made all pro. Landry became the defense Coach until 1960, when he signed an agreement with the expansion Dallas Cowboys, becoming their head coach. He led the Cowboys to five trips to the Superbowl, winning two.    More about "Dallas Cowboys on the Web
Humorists O. Henry born in Greensboro NC
GREENSBORO NC   (1862)    On this date in 1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina, humorist and writer for the Houston Post William Sidney Porter, better known as "O Henry" was born. His family would move to Austin, where he worked at a bank, before becoming a writer Houston Post. O Henry authored "The Gifts of the Magi".

American Under Attack
NEW YORK CITY  (2001)   On this date in 2001, 18 Saudi Arabian terrorists seized four American jetliners and force them into American landmarks. The twin towers of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon are hit. Passengers on the fourth plan learning of the attacks attempt to take control of the plane preventing it from hit a target in Washington DC. The plane eventually crashes in a field in Pennsylvania. President Bush grounds all further traffic in US Air Space. In all more than 3,000 civilians are killed in the terrorists attacks today.
Capitol Desk
President Leaves Florida to Undisclosed Location
WACO   (2001)    On this date in 2001, because of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, President Bush is recalled from Florida to an undisclosed location.
   As a precaution, the campus of Texas State Technical College in Waco is evacuated. The airstrip at the campus is used as a landing strip for Air Force One when the President visits his ranch in Texas. The President was eventually diverted to a safe location in Nebraska. Following a nationwide grounding of all civilian aircraft, the President returned to Washington.

Entertainment Desk
Uncle Charlie Born in Kaufman County
KAUFMAN CO   (1886)    According to the prologue for the hit song by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (#9, Jan 1971), Uncle Charlie was born in Kaufman County, Texas, on this date in 1886. The story goes that Uncle Charlie (Mr Bojangles) and his dog, Teddy, danced for drinks and tips, and landed in a cell in New Orleans, broke and drunk.
   The Real Mr Bojangles was a legendary tap dancer, known for his dance routine alongside Shirley Temple in several movies in the 1930s.

Oil Desk
Oil Consolidation, birth of Magnolia Petroleum
CORSICANA Click Here to follow "Oil Industry" back in Time (1911) Click Here to follow "Oil Industry" forward in Time  On this date in 1911, a consolidation of several smaller oil companies and refineries gave birth to a joint-stock company named Magnolia Petroleum. The new company would have large holdings in the Corsicana and Beaumont oil fields. By 1948, the company was worth over $700 million and had 8,670 miles of oil pipeline in nine states. A 1959 merger place most of Magnolia's assets in the Mobil Oil family of companies.   More about "Oil Industry" on the Web

Weather Desk
Hurricane Carla gives Texas records Wind Speeds
AUSTIN   (1961)    On this date in 1961, Hurricane Carla was moving inland over Texas. With maximum sustained winds of 145 mph, the hurricane produces the highest sustained winds ever recorded in Texas.