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Vol 8, No 149 May 29, 1865 Monday Evening
Provisional Governor appointed for Texas
Today in Sports
Former Cubs pitcher Hippo Vaughn dies at 77
CHICAGO IL Click Here to follow "Hippo Vaughn" back in Time (1966)    On this date in 1966, Chicago Cubs pitcher, James "Hippo" Vaughn died in Chicago. During the 1910s and 20s, Vaughn pitch five 20 win seasons. But he is best remembered for dueling it out with Fred Toney in May of 1917, in the only 9-inning "double no-hitter" in major league history. In 1991, major league rules redefined a no-hitter to include extra innings, and so the game was reduced from a "double no-hitter" to "no hits in 9-innings".    More about "Hippo Vaughn" on the Web

Gov Andrew Hamilton
AUSTIN Click Here to follow "Confederacy" back in Time(1865)Click Here to follow "Confederacy" forward in Time  On this date in 1865, following the Union's victory over the Confederacy ending the Civil War, U.S.President Andrew Johnson appointed Andrew J Hamilton to be the provisional Governor of Texas.
   Texas was then run by a provisional government until they were official readmitted the Union in March 1870.

Labor Desk
Construction begins on Dam for Possum Kingdom Lake
MINERAL WELLS   (1938)    On this date in 1938, Construction began on Morris Sheppard Dam, When finished the reservoir will be known as Possum Kingdom Lake. it was completed on March 20, 1941.

Lifestyles Desk
Cadillac Ranch gets a new coat of Paint
AMARILLO Click Here to follow "Cadillac Ranch" back in Time (2002) Click Here to follow "Cadillac Ranch" forward in Time  On this date in 2002, the famed Cadillac Ranch, the brain child of helium millionare, Stanley Marsh 3, was restored to it's original colors of turquoise, banana yellow, gold, and sky blue among others.
   The Cadillac Ranch is located in an open field near the old Route 66 west of Amarillo. Built in 1974, it depicts 10 half buried cadillacs from year models 1948 to 1963. Marsh hired San Franciso art collective The Ant Farm to erect the legendary landmark. In 2003, the Cadillacs were painted black in memorium of the death of the founding member of the Ant Farm, Doug Michels.

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Texas First Newspaper
SAN ANTONIO   (1813)    Texas First Newspaper, Gaceta de Tejas, began publication on this date in 1813.