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Vol 8, No 192 July 10, 1988 Sunday Evening
Nolan Ryan gets his 100th Win for the Astros
Born This Date
Daughter of Gov Hogg, Ima, born
AUSTIN   (1882)    On this date in 1882, Ima Hogg, daughter of Governor James Stephen Hogg was born. She was a philantropist and for most of her life, was affectionately known as "Miss Ima".    More about "Ima Hogg on the Web
Texas Rancher, Richard King born
NEW YORK NY   (1824) Click Here to follow "King Ranch" forward in Time  On this date in 1824, the founder of the King Ranch, Richard King was born. At at early age, he was indentured to a jeweler, but left at age 10, bound for Alabama. There he grew and learned to pilot riverboats along Alabama's rivers.
   Fighting in the Seminole War in Florida (1842) he met his lifelong friend and later business partner, Mifflin Kennedy. Together they moved to Texas and ran a steamboat business along the Rio Grande.
   In the 1850s, he turned his fortunes into land purchases, and through his attorneys, acquired much of the land south of Corpus Christi, including the 53,000 acre Santa Gertrudis grant.
   By 1885, at the time of his death, King had acquired 614,000 acres, and 100,000 head of cattle. Following King's death, the ranch continued to grow to over a million acres, managed in part by his widow, Henrietta.
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Biggio Catches
HOUSTON Click Here to follow "Nolan Ryan" back in Time(1988)Click Here to follow "Nolan Ryan" forward in Time  On this date in 1988, Nolan Ryan, won his the 100th game as a Houston Astro (his 267th career win). Catching for Ryan was rookie, Craig Biggio who joined the team only two weeks before. Ryan went on to the Rangers, where he would rack up his 300th career win in 1990.
   Over the next 20 years, Craig Biggio became the all-time Astro leader in number of games played, number of at-bats, hits (3060), doubles (668) and total bases. His final game with the Astros drew a crowd of 43,823, the largest crowd in the Minute Maid Park's 7-year history.
   Ryan went on to break dozens of major league records, including most career strike outs, most career wins, most career no-hitters, and most career walks. In 2008, after five seasons with the Texas Rangers (1988-1993), he became their club President.
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Capitol Desk
Word of Moses Austin's death reaches son Stephen
BRAZORIA Click Here to follow "Colonization" back in Time (1821) Click Here to follow "Colonization" forward in Time  On this date in 1821, the death of Moses Austin reaches his son, Stephen. The younger Austin, continued the realization of his father's dream to settle Texas.
   Spanish Texas, and later Mexican Texas, granted Moses land for resale. At the time, land in Texas was being resold by the Austin's for 12 cents per acre to the U.S. born settlers.