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Vol 8, No 222 August 10, 1862 Sunday Evening
34 Union Sympathizers Killed on way to Mexico
The Nueces Massacre
FREDERICKSBURG Click Here to follow "Confederacy" back in Time(1862)Click Here to follow "Confederacy" forward in Time  During the Civil war, the German-Texans located primarily in Bexar, Gillespie, Kerr, Kendall, and Medina Counties, remained loyal to the Union. After all, they had recently traveled thousands of miles to taste freedom in America and the fight that was brewing, just wasn't their fight.
   In the Spring of 1862, a Confederate Conscription (Draft) was instituted in Texas, to which the German-Texas were opposed. As word of their resistance reached the Confederate authorities, they were declared in rebellion and a small Confederate force was sent to put down the rebellion.
   Many German-Texans had already planned to flee to Mexico. In August of 1862, a Confederate Cavalry caught up to 61 of civilians who were nearing the Mexican border. A fight broke out and on this date in 1862, 27 German-Texas were killed. Others were taken prisoner and later executed. In all 34 civilians were killed in the Battle later called the "Nueces Massacre."
   The massacre and other events experience by the early German settlers to Texas were remembered in the annual Frederickburg "Price of Freedom" parade.
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Chantilly Lace Hits the Billboard Charts
HOLLYWOOD CA Click Here to follow "Big Bopper" back in Time (1958) Click Here to follow "Big Bopper" forward in Time  On this date in 1958, JP (Jape) Richards also known as "The Big Bopper" hit the Billboard top 100 with "Chantilly Lace" which reached No 6 on the chart.
   Chantilly Lace was soon followed up by second top 40 hit, "Big Bopper's Wedding".
   Richards was a DJ at KTRM in Beaumont. During six days in May of the previous year, 1957, Richards and the KTRM team set a world record, playing 1,821 songs in a row.
   Within five months of hitting the top 10, Richards (the Big Bopper) joined Buddy Holly's fateful Winter Dance Party, touring the snowy midwest. The music eventually died in January, 1959.

Transportation Desk
First Ship navigates Houston Ship Channel
HOUSTON   (1908)    On this date in 1908, the US cutter, Windom, became the first ship to navigate the Houston ship channel, opening the port of Houston to commercial traffic.