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Vol 8, No 262 September 19, 1821 Wednesday Evening
James Long leaves wife, settlers for La Bahia
Jane Long abandoned
BOLIVAR Click Here to follow "Jane Long" back in Time(1821)Click Here to follow "Jane Long" forward in Time  On this date in 1821, James Long and 52 armed men left their families at Fort Las Casas on the Bolivar Peninsula and headed for La Bahia with intentions of attacking the Mexican army there. With the men gone and provisions getting low, many families left Bolivar, but Jane stubbornly remained behind. Long and his men are defeated. Long is captured and taken to Mexico City where he is accidentally killed. On December 21st, his wife Jane gave birth to her third child Mary, believed to be the first Anglo child born in Texas, thus giving Jane the honorary title of the "Mother of Texas."
Entertainment Desk
Second Hand Lions premiers
LOS ANGELES   (2003)    On this date in 2003, the movie, Secondhand Lions premiered at the Mann's National Theatre in Los Angeles. Filmed primarily in Central Texas, the movie is the story of two retired and aging brothers (played by Robert Duvall, and Michael Caine), who have their nephew Walter (played by Haley Joel Osment) dropped off for the summer.
   The uncles recall the stories of their youth, and the motivations for the directions their life has taken to this their final years. Walter becomes attached to his two great uncles, and receives bits and pieces of Hum's "What every boy needs to know" speech.
   The movie remains a classic for the entire family from 14 to 84.
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Political Desk
SF Austin: War is Our Only Recourse
SAN FELIPE Click Here to follow "Revolution" back in Time (1835) Click Here to follow "Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1835, a circular issued by Stephen F Austin claimed that it is now futile to continue to negotiate with Mexico. In the circular, Austin summarizes "War is our only recourse."