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Vol 8, No 236 August 24, 1955 Wednesday Evening
Yellow Rose of Texas hits No 1 on Billboard
Today in Sports
Adrian Beltre hits for the Cycle in Arlington
ARLINGTON   (2012)    When Seattle third baseman, Adrian Beltre, hit for the cycle on September 1, 2008, Ranger pitcher Matt Harrison could only watch. Harrison had already given up a double and two singles to Beltre. Then, against Texas relievers, Beltre hit a home run in the sixth and a triple in the eighth, completing his cycle.
   Two years later, it was Beltre, covering third base for the Red Sox, who could only watch as the Ranger's Bengie Molina ended a stand-up triple in from of him. But history wasn't finished with Adrian Beltre.
   Two years later, on this date in 2012, pitcher Matt Harrison, who had watched Beltre hit for the cycle four years before, was deep into his first no hitter. From the dugout, Harrison watched as Adrian Beltre, now playing for the Rangers, hit a single, completing the cycle, the second of his career.
   By the end of the Friday night game, fireworks filled the skies at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and Adrian Beltre has completed a cycle on the field, and in the history books.
   And Matt Harrison's no hitter? A blooper to left field in the 7th inning broke up Matt's no hitter. This night belonged to Beltre.

Billboards Top 100
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Yellow Rose" back in Time(1955)   On this date in 1955, Mitch Miller and his Orchestra had their first No.1 hit with "The Yellow Rose of Texas".
   The Song is about a Texas girl who seduced Santa Anna during the Battle of San Jacinto, preventing an alert, and allowing the Texas Army under San Houston, to quickly over power the Mexican Army and win Independence.
   Mitch Miller went on to have 13 other top 100 hits, and his own television show featuring a bouncing ball over song lyrics so families at home could "Sing Along with Mitch."

Capitol Desk
Jared Ellison Groce brings Cotton to Texas
NAVASOTA Click Here to follow "Jared Groce" back in Time (1822) Click Here to follow "Jared Groce" forward in Time  On this date in 1822, Jared E Groce arrived in present Grimes County to make his home. Groce brought with him from Alabama a large quantity of Cottonseed, which soon launched the cotton industry in Texas. In 1833 he built a new home which he referred to as "Groce's Retreat". A town would form and bear the name "Retreat". Groce died in 1836.   More about "Jared Groce" on the Web

Indian Affairs Desk
Mexico order Militia to counter Indians
MEXICO CITY   (1826)    On this date in 1826, the Congress in Mexico City passes a law ordering the states of Texas and Coahuila to raise a militia to defend the frontier against Indian attacks.

Oil Desk
First Royalty Check made on Big Lake Oil Field
AUSTIN Click Here to follow "Santa Rita" back in Time (1923)    On this date in 1923, the first royalty check from Texon was sent the the University of Texas for oil revenues on the Santa Rita No 1 oil well near present day Big Lake. The land under Santa Rita No 1 was owned by the University of Texas.
   Texon's Frank T Pickrell did not have the funds to continue drilling in the area to investigate the extent of the oil field. In addition, Santa Rita No 1 was 500 miles from the next closest oil field. Creating an oil industry so far from known oil fields was costly and risky.
   Pickrell transferred Santa Rita and nearby blocks to an independent oilman Michael Benedum of Pittsburgh, Pennsylania for $200,000 and 1/4 interest in the newly formed Big Lake Oil Company.
  More about "Santa Rita" on the Web