Class of '69


Seniors '69

10 Yr Reunion


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49   Oh Yeah! Death Valley practices. Brutal heat and salt tablets.   (Jim Shaw)
48   Golden Voices tour in '68 to Hemisfair, Austin, Houston. Great bus trip and great music.   (Jim Shaw)
47   Mr West Falling to Sleep   (Jackie Page)
46   Rene Headrick Bennet taking the German Club to the Wurstfest in New Braunfels as a school trip   (Charles Locke)
45   The sweetest drivers ed teacher 'Mr. Clark'   (Becky Raines)
44   I'm with Johnny. The incredibly hot humid Death Valley football practices and the old ford truck we   (David Smith)
43   Breakfast Club with Johnny!   ((David North))
42   Taking a date to the "IV" (Italian Village) or the Hickory Stick   (Greg Coody)
41   Getting together with classmates every morning in the Little Gym and having a Coke to wake up   (Patsy Henry Buhler)
40   Charles Locke's '38 ?? Chevy   (John Potts)
39   Brooks Cafeteria   (John Potts)
38   Ginger Dodgen--- Tennis Coach   (John Potts)
37   Lyn Pettit playing tennis on the WHS tennis team.   (John Potts)
36   Perot yells "MOVE THE FISH" b/c we were off formation by 20 yds @ 1/2time perf.   (Greg Coody)
35   4 track and 8 track tape players   (Curtis Lavender)
34   Just alike only different, Miss Leuchner   (Curtis Lavender)
33   Muscle cars racing around the school, Shorty's Frisco burger   (Curtis Lavender)
32   Choir trip to Robt. E Lee HS - We shocked 'em with Battle Hymn of the Republic.Mr Lofgren had guts!   (Mike James)
31   Mrs. Keeton's Bakery on Austin the best. carmel cream puffs! (I can still see her face)   (Patsy Barron)
30   Mr. Werner (Pops) in woodshop. Funny guy. And Coach Smith. He went to school there in the 30's   (Tom Fillman)
29   Mrs.Howard's English class...she made English fun!   (Diane Althage Petrofsky)
28   The Orpheum, 25th St., Waco downtown movie theatres & the Joy, Circle, Lake Air & Waco Drive Ins   (Carol Byrd Aleman)
27   The city bus ride home...a group of 5 or 6 of us....good friends.   (Diane Althage Petrofsky)
26   Miss Connor singing (I believe the French National Anthem) Correct me if I got the song title wrong!   (Linda Mayo Ludwig)
25   Girls always wearing panty hose...a MUST of course!   (Diane Althage Petrofsky)
24   What about Miss Leuschner in Geometry? She was awesome and what a Hoot!   (Lyn Pettit Tabor)
23   Mr. West's definition of a dwarf star...   (Charles Locke)
22   Mrs. Dawson's bullwhip.   (Kathleen (Kathy) Bagley Horner)
21   "Horsefeathers!" --- Miss Dumont   (Charles Locke)
20   Spudnuts   (Pam Gardner Dunlap)
19   Mrs. Keeton's Bakery on Austin....carmel cream puffs.   (Pam Gardner Dunlap)
18   Gold Football Truck, Bertrand's Restuarant pregame meals, and Pep Rallys   (Johnny Tabor)
17   Beating Richfield in football 2 years in a row!   (Johnny Tabor)
16   Death Valley Football Practice and the BIG Mosquitos   (Johnny Tabor)
15   Miss Hamilton measuring the length of your skirt to make sure it wasn't too short.   (Carol Byrd)
14   "the smoker" in the downstairs boys' restroom   (Charles Locke)
13   Five cent Jack & Jill doughnuts sold by the Future Nurses Club   (Elmo Haferkamp)
12   Those awful, blue gymsuits we had to wear in P. E. classes.   (Pam Gardner Dunlap)
11   Driving up and down The Drag ... Austin Avenue   (Ortencia Coronado Romero)
10   Purple Cows at Chapman's   (Ortencia Coronado Romero)
9   Workouts with Coach Gardner's Exer-Genies   (Charles Locke)
8   Playing Volleyball in the gym & Mr Riola playing the Platter's Twilight Time   (Janet Burnette)
7   Racing to Shorty's at lunch time.   (Pam Gardner Dunlap)
6   7:00 a.m. band practice   (Pam Gardner Dunlap)
5   The Track Team running from the field house to Cameron Park then up and down Jacob's Ladder & back   (Larry Perez)
4   Shorty's near 6th and Colcord. A greasy spoon with delicious hamburgers!   (Bob Uzzel)
3   Sock-Hops with Live Bands in the Gym after Home Games   (Bob, the Webguy)
2   Crowded Austin Avenue after School (and the Candy Counter at McCrory's 5c and 10c)   (Bob, the Webguy)
1   Plastic Monkeys and Giraffes that came with drinks at Kim's Drive Inns (My visor was full of them)   (Bob, the Webguy)

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