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51   Making the Drag on Austin Avenue   (Jackie Page)
50   The "Blue Room" for the Drama Dept.   (Ken S.)
49   Am I the only one who enjoyed Mr. Lawhon's Math Class?   (Patricia H)
48   Folk dancing to 'Love Is Blue' in the little gym with Mrs. Dodgen; and those lovely blue bloomers!   (Claudia L)
47   Mr. Bakers algebra class. I thought I'd never pass that class.   (Ken S.)
46   Fights in the smoking room. Tough place.   (Ken S.)
45   Swimming class at the "Y"   (Ken. S.)
44   Mrs. Morgans stool collapsing during class. You could hear it on the 1st floor.   (Ken. S.)
43   Ms. Wong's biology class. What a teacher.   (Ken S.)
42   Wearing black arm bands to protest the war.   (Ken S.)
41   Let talk about Johnny Riola. Redistribution of wealth. Socialism in action. We paid for our indis   (north)
40   Going downtown after a ball game ,singing and "Skid" Rowe saying to keep it clean   (JerryF)
39   Just how boring World History really was!   (M.A. (Higgs) Spicer)
38   Do y'all remember going over to the chicken place and getting chicken?   (Jeanette Cobb)
37   Loved being in Golden Voices all 3 years and in the musical at Waco Hall - 'Oklahoma'-my favorite!   (Donna W.)
36   A double double sissy from Shorty's. With chips and a Big Red of course!   (DN)
35   Death Valley   (J. Barton)
34   Why hasn't anyone said anything about the football games?   (Linda "Sam")
33   The Wood Shop box of Paddles, and the foot and hand prints placed to assume the position   (DLS)
32   Mr Linsteaders old Ford   (DLS)
31   All the cool cars Inez and Clyde were fixing up ...Drag racing with OM   (Eric)
30   Mr Perot trying to teach "Spanky" to water ski ... Band party's at the lake   (Eric)
29   One word: EXCERGENIE   (DN)
28   Staying at the Hilton in Dallas during ALL STATE CHORUS.   (CGM)
27   Miss.. Dumont she hated sophomores and she told you so.   (Lydia)
26   Standing out in the cold with Barry Berndt in front of the big gym waiting for the bell to ring.   (Richard B.)
25   The Sockup Dances in the big gym.   (Martha A.)
24    Mr. West's class and waiting for him to go to sleep and leaving the class and then back   (Martha A.)
23   They sold elevator tickets too.....wish I'd had some money   (JerryF)
22   paying Mr Riola off with a Dr Pepper after getting in trouble in class   (Jerry F)
21   Tricyle races in the big gym.   (Ken S.)
20   Paying Coach Garnder a quarter to sleep during study hall   (Ken S.)
19   WHS poll tax?? We still collected a poll tax in 1970?!!   (Gary K)
18   Hey Jude; Get Back; Sugar Sugar; American Woman; War; Let it Be; Aquarius   (Gary K)
17   Spanky's great sense of humor.   (Gary K)
16   Going to lunch early when Mr.West went to sleep.   (J.Hill)
15   Mr. Clark's Drivers Ed comment, "Nine times out of ten,if you hit a pig on the road,it will flip you   (Dawn)
14   Driver's ed in the parking lot with Mr. Riola   (Gary K)
13   Mrs. Bates' typing class   (Charlotte)
12   Having to sing a solo in Golden Voices after a group of us wrapped Mr. Lofgren's house!   (Dawn)
11   Marine Physical Fitness Test with Coach Gardner   (Gary K)
10   Dick Perot early high stepper band marching practices (and dogging thrown bass drum mallots)   (Charlie T.)
9   Playing spades instead of working on debate.   (J. Barton)
8   Watching Mr. West go to sleep in class.   (J. Barton)
7   Also Ping Pong in the Little Gym and still get an A in choir, loved the Golden Voices   (Martha A.)
6   Riding the old truck to Death Valley for football practice.   ( J. Barton)
5   Lunch at Shorties with Leshia and Lewis Anne   (Dawn)
4   The smoking room in the basement! (Even if I didn't use it.)   (Gary K)
3   Golden Voices   (DM)
2   The LONG run from the field house to Latin Class on the third floor (whew!)   (Bob C)
1   Ping Pong in the Little Gym   (Dawn)

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