HTML Tips and Tricks


Removing the Underline from Links
Removes the Underlining from all links on the page. Good for long lists.
Hover Color
Changes the color of the link when the mouse is over it.
Hover Images
When the user hovers on the button, the image changes.
Using Buttons as Links
Several Methods to make buttons clickable to other websites.
Universal Back Button
Create a Back Button which returns user to previous page is users history
Using A Drop-down Menu for Navigation
Customizing a Drop Down Menu, Select and hop to the site.
Navigation Bars using images for buttons
Demostration and instructions for creating a cool navigation bar
Page Transitions
Tasteful transition from one page to the next using a blend method.


Renumbering a List
Create a list that skips through the numbering sequence

Tables and Divisions

Pages Footers that Stay Put
Putting a footer on the page that locks in place.
Setting Fonts within in Tables
Set the default font for your cells, and it applies to all cells

Alerts and Other Boxes

Alert Boxes
An Alert box appears when the user clicks, focus, or moves over a button.
Confirmation Message Box
Displays a OK/Cancel Box before proceeding with a Link.
Displaying a User Prompt
The Users types his name into the box, and then it displays on the Page.
Open a small window to display calculation results
Close Window button
When a new window is opened, user can use this button to close the new window.
Open Full Screen
Displays the new page Full Screen, the way it was designed

More Tricks with JavaScript

Disable Right Click Button
Disables the right click button, and displays an error message if the user attempts to use it.
Check screen resolution
If the user does not know his resolution, he may not know which resolution option to select when given the choice.
Status Bar Message for Links
Places text on the status bar whenever a user focuses on any link.

Printing Hard Copies

Page Print
Click on a link or a button to print the current webpage

Working with Backgrounds

Background Patterns
Add some texture to your page without sacrificing color control.

Working with Divisions and Layers

Page Layout using Divisions
Sample layouts using the <div> tag. Click "Show Borders" to view divisions.