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Whether you're headed out for an evening or a lifetime, you'll find thousands of places to go, eat, stay, and just kick back and enjoy. From Excursions to Exhibits, Baseball to Bed and Breakfast, Art Galleries, to Rodeos, if it's here in Texas, you'll find it right here at TEXAS: Landmarks and Legacies.

With over 10,000 links to everything Texas, you have almost as must fun exporing online as you do on the backroads.. And we're just getting going. If you know of a website that is not in our database, simply click "Add-a-Link" to alert our staff to another great Texas restaurant, museum, dance hall, or tourist stop. Heck, it would take more time to tell you what's here, than to just dive in and check it out for yourself. (All links are Family Friendly)

Oh, and don't forget to check out all the Events happening all over Texas. From Gatorfest to Pepperama, Rodeos to Opera, there's plenty to see and do every weekend.

So Welcome to Texas, and Happy Surfing, Y'all.