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Vol 8, No 339 December 5, 1987 Saturday Evening
Dallas born Tim Brown Wins the 1987 Heisman
Born This Date
Thomas Rusk, First US Senator from Texas born
AUSTIN   (1803)    On this date in 1803, Thomas J Rusk was born. Rusk was President of the Constitutional Convention of 1845, where the State Constitution was written as a prelude to admission to the Union. He was then elected as the first US Senator from Texas.

Tim Brown's Heisman
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Tim Brown" back in Time(1987)   On this date in 1987, Woodrow Wilson High School (Dallas) graduate, and Notre Dame running back, Tim Brown, won the 1987 Heisman Trophy. Brown when on to play 16 years with the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders. More of "Tim Brown" on the Web