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Vol 8, No 294 October 20, 1840 Tuesday Evening
Diplomacy Fails, Mexico Fires on Texan Ship
Born This Date
Country Composer Stuart Hamblen born
JEFFERSON   (1908) Click Here to follow "Stuart Hamblen" forward in Time  On this date in 1908, Country Music star Stuart Hamblen was born in Kellyville, Texas. He received numerous awards for his work, which included "This Old House", and "But I'll Be Chasin' Women". In 1970, he was inducted into the Country Music hall of fame. He died in 1989 in California.    More about "Stuart Hamblen on the Web

Hostilities in Yucatan
SAN JUAN BAUTIS Click Here to follow "Texas Navy" back in Time(1840)Click Here to follow "Texas Navy" forward in Time  After San Jacinto, President Maribou B Lamar built up the Texas Navy, but nontheless was committed to a diplomatic solution to the Mexican hostilites that continued between Texas and Mexico. Through the rest of the 1830 and into 1840, Mexico had blockaded many of the ports along Texas Coast.
   In an effort to make peace with Mexico, Lamar sent a small fleet of ships under Captain Edwin Ward Moore, to the Yucatan carrying Lamar's personal representative James Treat. Moore was under strict orders from President Lamar, not to engage in any hostilities unless fired upon first by the Mexicans.
   On this date in 1940, a Mexican shore battery fired upon the Texas ships wounding Treat. Captain Moore then formed a blocade of the Mexican port, and plotted a counter attack.
   With Moore's fleet was the Paddlewheel Steamer and warship, the Zavala, which then towed the sailing warships Austin and San Bernard 70 miles up the Tabasco River, where, with the help of some 150 rebellious Yucataners, defeated the city of San Juan Bautista and some 600 defending Mexican soldiers.
   Captain Moore demanded and got $25,000 in tribute for sparing the city. Still at sea were the Texas navy ship, San Antonio and San Jacinto, which captured several smaller vessels before the fleet returned to it's home port of Galveston. Before returning from the campaign, the San Antonio was run aground due to a break in it's anchor, and was unable to be saved.

City Desk
Town of Earth Announce move closer to Railroad
ABILENE Click Here to follow "Texas & Pacific" back in Time (1930) Click Here to follow "Texas & Pacific" forward in Time  On this date in 1930, Earth (Lamb Co), announced it would move the entire town five miles to located along the railroad, since the Texas and Pacific would not route through Earth. So, if you can't bring the Railroad down to earth, Move the Earth?