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Vol 8, No 230 August 18, 1813 Wednesday Evening
Volunteers defeated by Spanish near San Antonio
Battle of Medina
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Mexican revolution" back in Time(1813)Click Here to follow "Mexican revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1813, native Texians and American volunteers fighting for Independence from Spain and hopes of a new Texas republic, are soundly defeated by Spanish forces at the Battle of Medina south of San Antonio. Among the Spanish officers is Lieutenant Antonio L√≥pez de Santa Anna. This battle results in more deaths than any battle in the western United States. The Spanish army pursues the retreating survivors eastward into to the neutral zone of Louisiana, killing all males and enslaving their families.
Weather Desk
Hurricane Hits Corpus Christi. 20 Dead
CORPUS CHRISTI Click Here to follow "Hurricanes" back in Time (1916) Click Here to follow "Hurricanes" forward in Time  On this date in 1916, Corpus Christi is hit by a hurricane which killed 20 and cause over $1.6 million in damages.