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Vol 8, No 354 December 20, 1835 Sunday Evening
Goliad declares Independence
Born This Date
Actor John Hillerman born in Dennison
DENISON   (1932) Click Here to follow "John Hillerman" forward in Time  On this date in 1932, Jack Hillerman was born in Dennison. He graduated from St Xavier's Academy in that city in 1949. Later, using the name "John" he became an actor, playing the part of "Jonathan Higgins" in four separate television shows, "Simon & Simon", "Murder She Wrote", "Quantum Leap" and most notably, opposite Tom Selleck for 161 episodes of "Magnum P.I." for which Hillerman developed an Engish accent. His accent was so convincing, that at one point, a British Lord wrote him a fan letter that included "You are a credit to the Empire."    More about "John Hillerman on the Web

Goliad says it First
GOLIAD Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" back in Time(1835)Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1835, Texans at Goliad ratify a Declaration of Independence for Texas. The first flag of the Republic is flown depicting an arm holding a sword. Copies of the Declaration of Independence are immediately made and circulated throughout the Colonies. The original was brought to the General Council meeting at San Felipe. Among the things begin discussed at San Felipe was whether Texans would support the Federalists attempt to restore the 1824 Constitution to Mexico, or would they seek to fight for Independence. The arrival of the Goliad Declaration came as an embarrassment to Texans trying to negotiate peace, so orders were given not to circulate it further. However the damage was already done. Federalist support for Texans seeking Mexican statehood could no longer be depended upon. More of "Texas Revolution" on the Web
Entertainment Desk
Leaving on a Jet Plane hit No. 1
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "John Denver" back in Time (1969) Click Here to follow "John Denver" forward in Time  On this date in 1969, a song written by H. John Deutschendorf, Jr, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Top 100. Deutschendorf, who later changed his name to John Denver, graduated from Fort Worth's Arlington Heights High School, and went on to have over two dozen hits including his own No.1 hit in 1974, "Sunshine on My Shoulders."   More about "John Denver" on the Web

Political Desk
Filing fees for Public office Unconstitutional
NEW ORLEANS LA Click Here to follow "Voting Rights" back in Time (1970)    On this date in 1970, a three-judge federal panel ruled that a Texas law requiring a filing fee when wishing to run for public office, was unconstitutional.

Travel Desk
Driskill Hotel opens in Austin
AUSTIN Click Here to follow "Jesse Driskill" back in Time (1886) Click Here to follow "Jesse Driskill" forward in Time  On this date in 1886, Colonel Jesse L Driskill opened the original Driskill Hotel in Austin. Around 1852, the newly married Driskill moved his family to Texas, and shortly thereafter entered the cattle business. Driskill began to accumulate a small fortune.
   By 1886, Driskill moved his family to Austin, and founded the famed Driskill hotel. Just a year and a half later, a late Texas freeze killed thousands of cattle and leaving Driskill unable to make payment on his hotel. The Driksill hotel was then sold to S. E. McIlhenny.
   Today, the Driskill Hotel remains an Austin Landmark, and a favorite among prominent visitors and newlyweds.
  More about "Jesse Driskill" on the Web