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Vol 8, No 39 February 8, 1836 Monday Evening
Davy Crockett and Volunteers occupy the Alamo
Today in Sports
Texans move to Kansas City; Become the Chiefs
KANSAS CITY MO Click Here to follow "AFL" back in Time (1963)    On this date in 1963, Dallas Texans of the AFL announced their move to Kansas City. Lamar Hunt sought an NFL franchise for several years, but was rejected at every turn. He eventually decided to start his own league, the AFL. His Dallas Texans would be one of eight teams when the AFL had it's first draft in 1959.    More about "AFL" on the Web

Born This Date
Hollywood director, King Vidor born in Galveston
GALVESTON   (1894) Click Here to follow "Hollywood" forward in Time  On this date in 1894, King Wallis Vidor was born in Galveston. He was six when the Galveston Storm destroyed his hometown. He became a newsreel freelance photographer. In 1913, Vidor directed his first feature film, "Hurricane in Galveston." The national response to the film launched his directing career which spanned eight decades, a Guiness record. He directed "Stella Dallas", "Fountainhead", "War and Peace" and much of the Kansas sequences for "The Wizard of Oz" (He was never credited). For his work, he was nominated five times for an academy award in directing.
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Alamo becomes a Fortress
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Davy Crockett" back in Time(1836)Click Here to follow "Davy Crockett" forward in Time  On this date in 1836, Davy Crockett and his Tennessee Volunteers answering the call for aid in the fight for Texas Liberty, arrive at the Alamo, just weeks before Santa Anna lays seige to the former Spanish mission. Crockett had just enlisted in the volunteers at Nacogdoches, and received orders to report to the Rio Grande. When he stopped in San Antonio, he and his fellow volunteers learned that Santa Anna was already heading north. Today Crockett, Jim Bowie, Colonel William Travis and over 150 others began to fortify the Alamo against an overwhelming Mexican Army currently camped just South of the Rio Grande.
Crime Desk
Electric Chair (Old Sparky) first used
HUNTSVILLE   (1924) Click Here to follow "Prisons" forward in Time  On this date in 1924, Charles Reynolds was executed at Huntsville. He was the first to be executed by "Old Sparky", the electric chair. On that day, four others are executed, all for murder.   More about "Prisons" on the Web