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Vol 8, No 160 June 9, 1894 Saturday Evening
Oil Discovered in Texas near Corsicana
Today in Sports
ABC signs 5-year Contract with Hunt's new AFL
DALLAS Click Here to follow "AFL" back in Time (1960) Click Here to follow "AFL" forward in Time  On this date in 1960, before the first AFL game had ever been played, ABC television signed a 5-year contract with the new league. Earlier in the year, Lamar Hunt's new American Football League looked like it might fold before it began, but with the addition of Oakland, and this new 5 year televsion contract, the AFL was now destined for success.    More about "AFL" on the Web

First Oil in Texas
CORSICANA  (1894)Click Here to follow "Oil Industry" forward in Time  While drilling for much needed water near Corsicana on this date in 1894, oil was struck at a depth of 2,480 feet. Only half of the $1,000 drilling fee was paid by the city, and the oil disposed of.
Entertainment Desk
Happy Trails to You - An Era comes to an End
HOLLYWOOD CA Click Here to follow "Roy Rogers" back in Time (1957) Click Here to follow "Roy Rogers" forward in Time  After seven seasons of gunfighting and saving towns, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady, Trigger, Buttercup, Bullet, and Nellybelle, called it quits today in the final episode of the Roy Rogers Show.
   The show entertained children and families with exciting plots, beautiful scenery, western music including Roys famed yodel, and a lot of strange anacronisms, like ... Why did Roy and the posse ride horses, followed by Pat in his jeep Nellybelle? I always thought that was a little odd myself.
   Nonetheless, the show was a classic, where the good guys always won, the bad guys always had their guns shot out of their hands, and Roy and Dale, riding Trigger and Buttercup, with their German Shepherd Bullet running up, would end every episons singing "Happy Trails to You". And at home, children and their families would all join in ... "til me meet a-gain". Goodbye Roy.
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