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Vol 8, No 275 October 2, 1835 Friday Evening
The Battle of Gonzales - Texas Revolution Begins
Today in Sports
Cleveland's Addie Joss pitches a Perfect Game
CLEVELAND OH Click Here to follow "Baseball" back in Time (1908)    On this date in 1908, Cleveland Naps pitcher Addis Joss pitched a perfect game, that is, 27 batters up and 27 sat back down in nine innings, no hits, no walks, no errors, and he did it with an unsurpased 74 pitches, fewer than 3 pitches per batter on average.
   Catching for Joss was Houston born JJ Clark, formerly of the Corsicana Oil Cities in the Texas League. In 1902, Clark hit 8 home runs in 8 at bats against the Texarkana Casketmakers in a game that his team won 51-3. Despite the score, the game wasn't nearly that close.
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Come and Take It
GONZALES Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" back in Time(1835)Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1835, what is generally considered the first battle of the Texas Revolution was fought at Gonzales. About 160 Mexican soldiers were sent to retrieve a cannon at Gonzales, loaned to the Texans for defense against hostile Indians.
   The Texans refused to return the cannon, instead loading the cannon with scrap iron and firing it at the Mexican soldiers, killing one, and forcing the Mexicans to retreat. What followed was the Battle of Gonzales.
   The flag for the Texans at Gonzales, depicting a cannon painted in black with the words "Come and Take It" printed at the bottom, became a symbol of Texas' defiance against Mexican oppression. The "Come and Take it Flag" came to be a symbol of the Texas Revolution.
   The Battle of Gonzales would be written about in detail by C. Mason who fought in the battle of Gonzales, in a letter he had written in 1874.
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