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Vol 8, No 199 July 18, 1938 Monday Evening
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Today in Sports
Rogers Hornsby sets baseball Hitting Record
ST LOUIS MO Click Here to follow "Rogers Hornsby" back in Time (1923) Click Here to follow "Rogers Hornsby" forward in Time  On this date in 1923, Texas born Rogers Hornsby set a new major league record 13 games with 2 or more hits in a game. The next year, "Rajah" hit a season .424, a record that still holds. In 1926, he led the St Louis Cardinals to a World Series victory over the New York Yankees. Ted Williams wrote that Hornsby was the best hitter for average and power in the history of Baseball.    More about "Rogers Hornsby" on the Web

Bobby Fuller dies at 23
LOS ANGELES CA    (1966)     On this date in 1966, Bobby Fuller, lead singer of the Bobby Fuller Four died of gunshot wounds near his home in Los Angeles.
   In a sound that was reminescent of Buddy Holly (who died in 1959 at 22), The Bobby Fuller Four is best remembered for their hits "Love's Made a Fool of You" and "I Fought the Law". Fuller, born in 1942 in Goose Creek, Texas was only 23.
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Born This Date
Actor Chill Wills born in Seagoville
SEAGOVILLE   (1903) Click Here to follow "Chill Wills" forward in Time  On this date in 1903, actor Chill Theodore Wills was born in Seagoville, Texas.
   Wills sang in a band called Chill Wills and the Avalon Boys when he was discovered by RKO pictures. He starred in dozens of pictures including Giant (1956), and the Alamo (1960). He went on to television and appeared in several episodes of Rawhide, Frontier Circus, Alfred Hitchcock, Route 66, Burke's Law, Gunsmoke, and dozens of others.  
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Wrongway Corrigan
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Wrongway" back in Time(1938)Click Here to follow "Wrongway" forward in Time  On July 17, 1938, Galveston born Douglas Corrigan took off from an airport in New York, but failed to turn his plane westward to follow his flight plan to California. Instead, he headed East. Claiming that he had misread his compass due to poor weather conditions, he ended up in Ireland on this date in 1938.
   In reality, his request to make a trans-Atlantic flight had been denied, and he was determined to make a go of it. When he arrived back in New York by steamship (his pilots license was temporarily revoked), he was greeted by cheering fans as a hero. The People loved his audacity and spirit.
   The New York Post printed the headline "Hale to Wrong-way Corrigan" backwards, and the name stuck, giving birth to terms like "Corrigan Dance" and "Corrigan Week" where the girls get to do the asking and inviting.
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City Desk
San Antonio Train robbed by AWOL soldiers
SAN ANTONIO   (1970)    On this date in 1970, two AWOL soldiers on the lamb in San Antonio, stopped and robbed the mineature train which runs the perimeter of Brackenridge Park in San Antonio. The two soldiers were quickly apprehended. This was the last reported train robbery in Texas.

Communication Desk
Roosevelt opens the Fort Worth Exposition by Radio
FORT WORTH Click Here to follow "Radio" back in Time (1936) Click Here to follow "Radio" forward in Time  On this date in 1936, President Franklin Roosevelt, speaking by radio from his ship in the North Atlantic, opened the Fort Worth Exhibition, part of the Texas Centennial celebration.

Political Desk
Richards addresses Democratic National Convention
ATLANTA GA   (1988)    On this date in 1988, Ann Richards, then the Treasurer of Texas, delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. In her speech, Richards skewered the presumed Republican nominee, George H.W.Bush, stating "Poor George. He can't help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth."
   The remarks were rebroadcast for weeks on all major networks, became a major part of the Michael Dukakis campaign. Bush won the election with 40 states and 426 electoral votes to Dukakis 10 states (and D.C.) and 111 electoral votes. Ann Richards went on to become the Governor of Texas following a very narrow victory in 1990 against millionare-rancher Clayton Williams.
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