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Vol 8, No 153 June 1, 1836 Wednesday Evening
Santa Anna boards ship headed home to Vera Cruz
Today in Sports
Nolan ties Koufax with 4th no-hitter
LOS ANGELES CA Click Here to follow "Nolan Ryan" back in Time (1975) Click Here to follow "Nolan Ryan" forward in Time  On this date in 1975, Texas born, Nolan Ryan, pitched his forth no-hitter, tieing a record set by Sandy Koufax in 1965. It would be another six years before Ryan pitched another no-hitter, closer to home with the Houston Astros. In all, Ryan surpassed Koufax's record by 3 with a total of seven career no-hitters.    More about "Nolan Ryan" on the Web

Storm Delays Departure
GALVESTON Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" back in Time(1836)Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" forward in Time  On June 1, 1836, Santa Anna boarded the Texas Navy schooner "Invincible" in Galveston to be taken to Vera Cruz as terms of a treaty signed at San Jacinto. Santa Anna is gratious to his Texas hosts, and grateful for the kindness shown him. Unrest in Mexico placed doubts that a treaty signed by Santa Anna would have any weight at home. Instead, he was sent to Washington D.C. to lobby for recognition of Texas by the United States. He did not get to Mexico until the following year.
City Desk
Howard Hughes marries Houston socialite Ella Rice
HOUSTON Click Here to follow "Howard Hughes" back in Time (1925) Click Here to follow "Howard Hughes" forward in Time  On this date in 1925, Howard Hughes, future billionare, aviator, and movie producer, married Houston socialite Ella Rice. Their marriage lasted four years.

Education Desk
School Goes 4 year; Now the University of Houston
HOUSTON   (1933)    On this date in 1933, the University of Houston was official formed by changing the college from a two-year junior college to a four-year college.

Military Desk
Plainview Field opens
PLAINVIEW   (1942)    On this date in 1942, Plainview Field was established at Plainview to train the military's glider pilots.

Religion Desk
Mission Tejas near Neches River is Consecrated
NACOGDOCHES Click Here to follow "Mission Tejas" back in Time (1690)    On this date in 1690, Mission San Francisco de los Tejas, was formally consecrated. Located deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas, the mission is Texas' first Spanish mission.

Technology Desk
Dallas Gets its first Telephone Service
DALLAS Click Here to follow "Telephone" back in Time (1881) Click Here to follow "Telephone" forward in Time  On this date in 1881, just 4 years after the first telephone was installed in Galveston, The Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company opened a telephone exchange in Dallas, providing telephone service to approximately 40 new subscribers. Three months later, Fort Worth began telephone service, followed by Waco. By the end of 1882, dozens of Texas cities hd their own telephone exchanges.   More about "Telephone" on the Web