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Vol 8, No 203 July 22, 1861 Monday Evening
Gen Barnard Bee Jr. dies at Bull Run
Born This Date
Child Actress, Selena Gomez born in New York City
NEW YORK CITY   (1992)    On this date in 1992, Selena Kayleigh Gomez was born in New York City, the only child of former stage actress Mandy Teefy. She was raised in Grand Prairie Texas until she became 13.
   When she was 10, Gomez was recruited by Disney for the roll of Gianna on "Barney & Friends". At 11, she appeared in "Spy Kids 3-D, Game Over". At 13, she guest starred for an episode of "The Suite Life of Zach & Cody" and later on "Hannah Montana" as Hannah's rival, Mikayla.
   In 2007, she earned the starring roll of the hit Disney's sitcom, "Wizards of Waverly Place" where she plays Alex Russo. Gomez has also recorded numerous YouTube videos with her friend from Barney, Demi Lovato, and has lent her voice to several hit songs, including "Curella de Vil" from 101 Dalmations.
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NFL great, Tim Brown born in Dallas
DALLAS   (1966) Click Here to follow "Tim Brown" forward in Time  On this date in 1966, Timothy Donell Brown was born in Dallas. He graduated Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas. While at Notre Dame in 1987, Brown received the Heisman Trophy. After graduation, he played 16 years as a wide receiver with the Oakland Raiders.
   Woodrow Wilson High School is the only school in America to produce two Heisman winners. In addition to Tim Brown in 1987, Tim O'Brien from Woodrow Wilson won the Heisman in 1938 as a back with the National Champion, TCU Horned Frogs.
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Kathryn Ann Bailey born in Galveston
GALVESTON   (1943) Click Here to follow "Kay Bailey" forward in Time  On this date in 1943, future senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson was born in Galveston, Texas. Kay attended the University of Texas, where she received her law degree.
   After college, Kay became a legal and political correspondent for KPRC television in Houston, followed for a time by with the Ray Miller The Eyes of Texas television show. Kay was the first female news person on screen in Texas.
   Kay served as a State Legislator for a time as well. By 1993 her aspirations turned to Washington, winning her bid to fill the unexpired term of Lloyd Bentsen who became Secretary of the Treasure under President Clinton.
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Famous Last Words
MANASSAS VA Click Here to follow "Confederacy" back in Time(1861)Click Here to follow "Confederacy" forward in Time  On this date in 1861, West Point graduate, and veteran of the Mexican War, Confederate Brigadier General Bernard Elliott Bee Jr, died from wounds received the previous day at the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas). Gen Bee served as Secretary of State and Secretary of War under Presidents Burnet, and Lamar, during the Texas Republic.
   During the battle, General Bee called out to his men "Rally behind the Virginians! There stands Jackson like a stonewall!". Some contend that Bee was unhappy with Jackson's position, and actually said "Look at Jackson standing there like a damned stone wall!" We'll never know what Bee intended because shortly after his rallying cry, he was shot, dieing the next day.
   Whatever his dieing words, General Bee was credited for giving rise to General Thomas J Jackson being forever after referred to as "Stonewall Jackson."
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Media Desk
The Panhandle Herald began publication
PANHANDLE   (1887)    On this date in 1887, The Panhandle Herald began publication in Panhandle, south of Amarillo. The newspaper, still in publication, is the oldest, continuously published newspaper in Texas.