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Vol 8, No 253 September 10, 1877 Monday Evening
Galveston News gets First Telephone
Today in Sports
Rogers Hornsby makes the Majors
ST LOUIS MO Click Here to follow "Rogers Hornsby" back in Time (1915) Click Here to follow "Rogers Hornsby" forward in Time  On this date in 1915, Texas born Rogers Hornsby was brought in to the major leagues by the St Louis Cardinals. Over the next 20 years, Horsby would rack up slugging records that still stand today. Hornsby still holds the single season batting average, and is second only to Ty Cobb in career batting average.
   Rogers Hornsby was the first player in the Major League to hit 40 home runs in a season. He entered the majors, he was only 19.
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Opera star Josephine Lucchese dies in San Antonio
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Opera" back in Time  (1974)     On this date in 1974, opera star Josephine Lucchese passed away in San Antonio.
   At the time of her opera debut in 1920, it was practically impossible to be taken seriously as an opera singer without formal training in Italy. Josephine received three years voice and opera training in San Antonio under Madam Virginia Colombati.
   In 1920, her opera career took off, and included multiple tours throughout North America and Europe. In Europe she was given the title "The American Nightengale".
   Following her retirement, she returned to Texas, and from 1956 until 1968, she taught voice at the University of Texas in Austin. She was 81.
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First Telephone
GALVESTON Click Here to follow "Telephone" back in Time(1877)Click Here to follow "Telephone" forward in Time  A telephone line between the Galveston Telegraph Western Union (telegraph) Office and the Galveston News wass activated on this date in 1877, making this the first commercial use of telephones in Texas.
   With the advantage of instant information, news reports coming over the "wire" can be immediately relayed to the newspaper.

Society Desk
Viticulture Enology Center dedicated
DENISON Click Here to follow "Texas Wine" back in Time (1988)    On this date in 1988, dignitaries from all over the world are on hand at the dedication of the The T.V. Munson Viticulture Enology Center in Denison.
   The center is named for Thomas V Munson whose research into wine plants brought him to Texas to study the wild grapes of North Texas.
   In 1893, a root disease all but detroyed the entire wine industry in France. Munson traveled throughout America studying the grape plant. In Texas Munson found our native grapes resistance to the disease that kills most of the vinyard in France. He sent Texas root stocks to be grafted with the myraid of grape varieties in France.
   This single handidly saved France's wine industry and earned Munson the French Legion of Honor, only the second American in history to be so honored, Thomas Edison being the other.
   So it is scientific fact that every glass of imported French wine has its roots in Texas.
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Technology Desk
KLRN Channel 9 in SA Goes On-the-Air
SAN ANTONIO   (1962)    On this date in 1962, PBS affiliate KLRN Channel 9 in San Antonio began broadcasting.