Texas Landmarks and Legacies - Today in Texas History
Vol 8, No 63 March 3, 1836 Thursday Evening
Texas Navy sees Action off the Yucatan
Governor James S Hogg dies
HOUSTON Click Here to follow "James Hogg" back in Time  (1906)     On this date in 1906, first native-born Governor of Texas, James Stephen Hogg dies in Houston. He will be buried in Austin. While Governor, he established the Texas Railroad Commission, and was a stauch support of Greer County as part of Texas (it's now in SW Oklahoma). See "James Hogg" Page 1D

Navy Captures Supplies
YUCTAN, MEXICO Click Here to follow "Texas Navy" back in Time(1836)Click Here to follow "Texas Navy" forward in Time  On this date in 1836, the Texas Navy vessel, Liberty captured the Mexican ship the Pelican in a battle off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Taking fire from the nearby fortress Sisal, the crew of the Liberty captured 300 kegs of black powder and other military supplies.
 p  Much of the bounty was concealed inside cargo belonging to a New Orleans. Upon reaching Matagorda Bay, the Pelican ran aground in poorly charted waters, but the cargo was salvaged, and put to good use at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Aviation Desk
Texas schooner captures American Contraband
GALVESTON   (1836)    On this date in 1836, the Texas Navy schooner, the Invincible captured the American brig Pocket which under a false manifest, was found to be carrying contraband to the Mexican Army.

Otto Brodie flies his Air Plane over Fair Park
DALLAS   (1910) Click Here to follow "Otto Brodie" forward in Time  On this date in 1910, while hundreds watched, dare devil flying ace, Otto Brodie flew his famous wire and canvass biplane over Fair Park in Dallas. This was the first time Dallas had ever seen an Air Plane.   More about "Otto Brodie" on the Web

Military Desk
Congress approves Camels on western frontier
WASHINGTON DC   (1855) Click Here to follow "Camels" forward in Time  On this date in 1855, Congress, with the urgin of the War Department, made $30,000 available to the War Department for the purchase of camels and the importation of dromedaries, to be employed for military purposes. Later, Camels would be transported to Camp Verde in the Texas Hill Country to assist the military in its ongoing defense of the Texas frontier again Indian attack.

Political Desk
Republic of Texas recognized by the US
WASHINGTON DC   (1837)    On this date in 1837, the United States officially recognized The Republic of Texas. In all, three countries will recognize Texas, the US, Britain, and France.

Barbara Jordan, Woman of the Year
WASHINGTON DC Click Here to follow "Barbara Jordan" back in Time (1975) Click Here to follow "Barbara Jordan" forward in Time  Congresswoman Barbara Jordan of Houston, was selected by the Women's National Democratic Club as the Democratic Woman of the year on this date in 1975. Jordan was the first black woman ever to serve as a state Senator. She became as US Congresswoman in 1973, and served on the House Judiciary Committee that investigated the Watergate breakin in 1974.

Transportation Desk
Congress Authorizes new Mail Service to California
WASHINGTON DC Click Here to follow "Stagecoaches" back in Time (1857) Click Here to follow "Stagecoaches" forward in Time  On this date in 1857, Congress authorized the Postmaster General of the United States, to seek bids for stagecoach service between the Missouri river and San Francisco. The service would include both passenger and mail service. Nine overland stage owners entered bids for the new U.S. Mail contract. In September, John Butterfield Sr. won the $600,000 contract. His route which included 9 days in Texas, would cover the 2,795 route in 25 days.   More about "Stagecoaches" on the Web