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Vol 8, No 178 June 26, 1832 Tuesday Evening
The Battle of Velasco
Today in Sports
Robinson hits back-to-back Grand Slams
WASHINGTON DC Click Here to follow "Frank Robinson" back in Time (1970) Click Here to follow "Frank Robinson" forward in Time  On this date in 1970, Beaumont born Frank Robinson hit back-to-back Grand-Slam home runs in the fifth and sixth innings as he led his Baltimore Orioles to a 12-2 victory over the Washington Senators. In a strange coincidence, Baltimore had the same three runners on base for both home runs - Dave McNally on third, Don Buford on second and Paul Blair on first.    More about "Frank Robinson" on the Web

Craig Biggio debuts as a Houston Astros
HOUSTON Click Here to follow "Astros" back in Time (1988) Click Here to follow "Astros" forward in Time  On this date in 1988, Craig Biggio played in his first game as a Houston Astro. He would continue to play for the Astros another 20 years, racking up 3,060 hits, 291 home runs, 1,175 RBIs, 668 doubles, and 414 stolen bases. He holds the record for most consecutive games played and most times being hit by the pitcher. Biggio retired at the end of the 2007 season.    More about "Astros" on the Web

Texas win the College Baseball World Series
OMAHA NE   (2005)    On this date in 2005, the University of Texas at Austin won it's 6th College World Series. Only USC has more wins (12). Texas leads all other schools in appearances in the post season classic with 32 and well as the most games won in the tournament (78).    More about "UT Baseball" on the Web

Born This Date
Future Astronaut Bernard Harris born in Temple
TEMPLE Click Here to follow "NASA" back in Time (1956) Click Here to follow "NASA" forward in Time  On this date in 1956, future astronaut DR. Bernard A Harris Jr was born in Temple. He graduated from Sam Houston High School in San Antonio in 1974. In 1985, Dr Harris completed his residency training at the Mayo Clinic, then went on to the NASA Ames Research Center in California.
   In July 1991, Dr Harris was made an astronaut with NASA. In the years that followed, Dr Harris logged 198 hours, and over 2.6 million miles in space.
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Battle of Velasco
SAN FELIPE Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" back in Time(1832)Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1832, about 112 Texans were moving a cannon from Brazoria to Anahuac, when they were met at Velasco by a similar number of Mexican soldiers who attempted to confiscate the cannon. In the battle that ensued, seven Texans were killed including Capt Aylette C Buckner, and about five Mexican soldiers. Eventually, the Mexicans ran out of ammunition and had to surrender. This is the first confrontation between Texas and Mexico in which blood was shed. The following month, the Mexican Commander at Nacogdoches, José de las Piedras, ordered all citizens to surrender their arms. The Texans refused, and amassed an army of 300 to lay seige to Piedras and his army at Nacogdoches, eventually driving the Mexican army out of East Texas.
City Desk
Mildred Didrikson born in Port Arthur
PORT ARTHUR   (1914) Click Here to follow "Didrikson" forward in Time  On this date in 1914, woman golf professional, Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson was born in Port Arthur. Her parents, Hannah and Ole were immigrants from Norway, and later changed their surname to "Didrikson".
   Babe was an all around athlete, playing organized baseball, softball, and golf. She also was an expert diver, roller-skater, bolwer, and wone the 1931 sewing championship at the State Fair of Texas.
   At the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, she set new records in the high hurdle and javelin throw winning gold medals in each. In 1931 she led her company basketball team to an AAU Basketball Championship.
   In 1935, she took up golf a sport where she excelled. In 1838 she competed in the Los Angeles Open (of the men's PGA), teaming up with professional wrestler, George Zaharias, whom she married eleven months later. In 1946, "Babe" Zaharias won the US Womens Tournament, and in 1947 won a string of 17 matches in a row. As a pro golfer, she won the US Women's Open twice, being named by the Associated Press as the Woman Athlete of the First Half of the Century. In 1955 she was sticken with cancer and died shortly thereafter. A museum in Beaumont honors her accomplishments.
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