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Vol 8, No 125 May 5, 1862 Monday Evening
Mexican forces rout the French at Puebla
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Roger Clemens become No 2 pitcher in MLB history
HOUSTON Click Here to follow "Astros" back in Time (2004) Click Here to follow "Astros" forward in Time  On this date in 2004, Roger Clemens of the Houston Astros, surpassed Steve Carlton to become the No 2 all time strikeout leader in Major League history, behind future Hall of Famer, Nolan Ryan, who also once pitched for the Astros. Clemens would finish the 2004 season with 4,317 career strikeouts, and earn his seventh Cy Young Award.    More about "Astros" on the Web

Architect, Ralph H Cameron, dead at 77
SAN ANTONIO    (1970)     On this date in 1970, San Antonio architect Ralph Haywood Cameron died. Over his career he designed numerous homes, schools, public buildings and businesses in San Antonio and South Texas. In addition to the main house at the King Ranch, Cameron designed the U.S. Post Office and Frost Brothers Store in San Antonio. See "" Page 1D

Viva! Cinco de Mayo!
PUEBLA, MEXICO  (1862)   During the height of the American Civil War in 1862, the French, British and Spanish invaded Mexico to collect debts owed them. France, no friend of the United States remained behind after the others forces did their business and left. France was eager to help the Confederacy, and made plans to invade the Mexican Capitol and score an easy victory as they had throughout Europe. But on this date in 1862, a Mexican force half the number of the French, routed the French army and drove them off the Continent. Among the Mexican Army were many Union soldiers who surrendered their uniforms under condition that they join the Mexican forces in defeating the French. Many suggest that Mexico's victory may have weakened the Confederacy, and eventually helped the Union win the Civil War. Following Pearl Harbor and 9/11 many Mexicans crossed the border to enlist in the US Military. The gratitude that many Mexicans feel for our help in preserving their own Independence has not been forgotten. Viva! Cinco de Mayo! More of "Mexico" on the Web
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San Antonio de Bexar Presidio founded
SAN ANTONIO   (1718)    On this date in 1718, San Antonio de Bexar Presidio (near the Alamo) and Ville de Bexar (San Antonio) establish by Martin de Alarcon.

Waco Army Air Field opens
WACO   (1942)    Under the original name of Waco Army Air Field, James Connally Air Force Base opens just north of Waco on this date in 1942.

Science Desk
McDonald Observatory dedicated
ALPINE Click Here to follow "McDonald Observatory" back in Time (1939)    On this date in 1939, the McDonald Observatory, part of the University of Texas at Austin, was dedicated. The Observatory is located atop Mount Locke in the Davis Mountains NW of Alpine.

Alan Shepard - First American in Space
CAPE CANAVERAL Click Here to follow "NASA" back in Time (1961) Click Here to follow "NASA" forward in Time  On this date in 1961, the United States joined the Soviets in manned space flight. Alan Shepard was launched into a suborbital flight in a Mercury capsule mounted atop a Redstone rocket. The flight lasted only 15 minutes, but placed the Americans firmly into the space race.
   Three weeks later, (5/25/1961) President John F Kennedy in a speech before a joint session of Congress, announced the goal of "landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth" by the end of the decade.
   Kennedy would not live to see his goal. Six days after his assassination, Lyndon Johnson announce the renaming of Cape Canaveral and the space center to Cape Kennedy. Later, the geographic area where the center is located, was returned to its 400 year old original name "Cape Canaveral". The Kennedy Space Center remains a tribute to Kennedy.
   On July 20 1969, the dream became reality when Apollo 11, under the command of Neil Armstrong, landed on the Moon.
   After the death of Lyndon Johnson, the N.A.S.A. Space Center in Houston was renamed the Johnson Space Center.
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