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Vol 8, No 297 October 24, 1971 Sunday Evening
Cowboys beat Patriots 44-21 in New Stadium
Today in Sports
Rangers to build New Ballpark in Arlington
ARLINGTON Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" back in Time (1990) Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" forward in Time  On this date in 1990, the City of Arlington and The Texas Rangers Baseball Club, announced an agreement to build a new ball park for the team. The agreement would share the cost of construction between the team (29%) and the City of Arlington (71%).
   Construction began in 1992, and the first game regularly scheduled game was played there on April 11th 1994.

Born This Date
Jiles Perry Richardson Jr (The Big Bopper) born
SABINE PASS   (1930) Click Here to follow "Big Bopper" forward in Time  On this date in 1930, JP Richardson, Jr was born. In 1949, "Jape" graduated from Beaumont High School. In 1957, while working as a DJ for KTRM in Beaumont, he coined the name "The Big Bopper" which we would use the rest of his career. For six days in May 1957, he played 1,821 records in a row, setting a world record. In 1957, Jape recorded "Chantilly Lace" the third most played song in the nation for 1958. In January 1959, The Big Bopper signed on with Buddy Holly's Winter Dance Party. After the February 2 show at Clear Lake Iowa, Jape was allowed to trade places with other members of Buddy Holly's band and ride the chartered plane to the next gig in North Dakoka. Shortly after take off, the plane crashed killing Jape, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the pilot. He was 28.    More about "Big Bopper on the Web

New Stadium opens
IRVING Click Here to follow "Dallas Cowboys" back in Time(1971)Click Here to follow "Dallas Cowboys" forward in Time  On this date in 1971, against the New England Patriots, Dallas running back Duane Thomas ran 56 yards in the opening minutes of the game to score the first touchdown ever in Dallas' new Irving Stadium. 65,708 fans crowd into the new stadium to see Dallas defeat the Patriots, 44-21.
Entertainment Desk
Ray Charles movie premiers starring Jamie Foxx
HOLLYWOOD   (2004)    On this date in 2004, the Ray Charles biographical movie, "Ray" starring Terrell native, Jamie Foxx, premiered. In the movie, Foxx plays the part of Ray Charles so believably, that he was awarded an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Labor Desk
Dam at Eagle Mountain Lake completed
FORT WORTH   (1932)    The dam forming Eagle Mountain Lake was completed on this date in 1932. Eagle Mountain Lake provides most of the water for Fort Worth.