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Vol 8, No 240 August 28, 1923 Tuesday Evening
Lubbock selected for new College - City Celebrates
Lubbock Celebrates
LUBBOCK  (1923)   30,000 people turned out on this date in 1923, to celebrate the selection of Lubbock as the host city for the new Texas Technological College. Lubbock showed up in droves to greet the selection committee from Austin, and the city was awarded the new college on the first ballot.
   Texas Technological College later changed it's name to Texas Tech University.
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Political Desk
Alan Shivers beats Ralph Yarborough in Run-off
AUSTIN Click Here to follow "Alan Shivers" back in Time (1954) Click Here to follow "Alan Shivers" forward in Time  On this date in 1954, conservative Governor Alan Shivers beat more liberal Ralph Yarborough in an run-off election that rejected the more liberalized national Democratic party agenda.