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Vol 8, No 74 March 14, 1964 Saturday Evening
Jack Ruby found Guilty in Oswald Killing
Born This Date
Singer Michael Martin Murphey born in Dallas
DALLAS   (1945)    On this date in 1945, singer/songwriter Michael Martin Murphey was born in Dallas. Murphy graduated from Adamson High School, before beginning his musical career.
   Murphey attended The University of California, where he and Michael Nesmith (of the Monkees) and others formed a folk band. In in 1975 he had hit singles with "Wildfire" and "Carolina in the Pines". He has continued to write and record songs, and has become the premiere cowboy singer in America.
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Les Baxter born in Mexia
MEXIA   (1922)    On this date in 1922, Les Baxter was born in Mexia. During the 1940s and 50s, Les Baxter and his Chorus and Orchestra recorded a long string of hit songs, including two No. 1 hits, Unchained Melody (1955) and The Poor People of Paris (1956).

Jack Ruby Guilty
DALLAS  (1964)   On this date in 1964, Jack Ruby was convicted of the murder on live television of Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was in police custody in Dallas County, accused with the assasination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas. Cameras were lined up in a garage in the basement of the Dallas County Courthouse, when Oswald emerged. Jack Ruby seeing all the commotion, entered the basement to have a glance at Oswald, but instead, in an alleged fit of rage, pulled out his gun and fatally shot Oswald, in full view of Police and Sheriff officials, and the nation watching on live television. Oswald died a short time later.
   Jack Ruby died of complication of lung cancer, on January 3, 1967, at Parkland Hospital, the same place where Lee Harvey Oswald and President Kennedy died.
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City Desk
Teddy Roosevelt is Guest of Honor at FW Stock Show
FORT WORTH   (1911)    On this date in 1911, Former President Teddy Roosevelt is the Guest of Honor at this years Stock Show. Going to the Fat Stock Show was not only a cattlemen's perogative, it became a social event with gentlemen and ladies decked out in their finest western clothes, shined boots, ornate saddles and stetson hats.

Military Desk
Texas Soldiers Massacred at Refugio
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" back in Time (1836) Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1836 at Refugio, Captain Amon B King and his Texas soldiers were defeated by the Mexican Army. What few survivors remaining were executed by Santa Anna's army on his pursuit of resistance to Mexican rule.   More about "Texas Revolution" on the Web