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Vol 8, No 91 April 1, 1995 Saturday Evening
Nolan Ryan Announces Return to Baseball
King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin dies in New York
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Scott Joplin" back in Time  (1917)     On this date in 1917, the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin, died in an New York City hospitial. Born in Texarkana, his "Maple Leaf Rag" sold over a million sheets of music in 1899, a smash hit for its day. His music was featured in the 1973 hit movie "The Sting" staring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, for which the film score received an academy award. Released as "The Entertainer", the theme song from the movie also was a big hit on Billboards Top 100. See "Scott Joplin" Page 1D

Born This Date
Debbie Reynolds born in El Paso
EL PASO   (1932)    On this day in 1932, actress Debbie Reynolds was born in El Paso. He starred in dozens of movies including "How the West was Won", Pepe, and "Singin' in the Rain". She played the title roll in "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", for which she won an Academy Award.    More about "Debbie Reynolds on the Web

Out of Retirement Again
ARLINGTON Click Here to follow "Nolan Ryan" back in Time(1995)Click Here to follow "Nolan Ryan" forward in Time  Following a dismal 1994 season without pitching ace, Nolan Ryan, The Texas Rangers were wrapping up their 1995 Spring Training without high hopes for the upcoming season.
   Then, on this date in 1995, Nolan Ryan, in an interview with WBAP's morning host, Hal Jay, announced that he would be coming out of retirement to join the Texas Rangers at training camp and get ready to pitch for one more season with the Rangers.
   The story of Ryan's return to baseball became breaking news in markets as far away as New York City. For three hours, Ryan's return to baseball became the lead story in radio markets all across the nation. The morning shows on Television as well, cut to the breaking story.
   Then, the media learned that they had been duped by an April Fools gag cooked up my WBAP's infamous Hal Jay and his good buddy Nolan Ryan.
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Capitol Desk
Second Convention for Mexican Statehood
SAN FELIPE Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" back in Time (1833) Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" forward in Time  With Sam Houston and Stephen Austin in attendance, the Second Convention calling for Texas to seperate from Coahuila meets at San Felipe on this date in 1833. Austin will be sent to Mexico City with the petition, but will be imprisoned there for inciting insurrection.   More about "Texas Revolution" on the Web

Houston is made the Capitol of the Republic
HOUSTON Click Here to follow "Texas Capitol" back in Time (1837) Click Here to follow "Texas Capitol" forward in Time  On this date in 1837, Houston is made the Capitol of the Republic of Texas.

Political Desk
General Santa Anna becomes Mexican President
MEXICO CITY Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" back in Time (1833) Click Here to follow "Texas Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1833, General Santa Anna, who had once fought on the side of Spain against the Mexican Revolution, was innagurated as President of Mexico. An revolution in Texas soon required his attention, and the Mexican army was brought under his command to expel Texians engaged in the uprising.

Railroads Desk
Southern Pacific takes control of Central Pacific
LOS ANGELES CA Click Here to follow "Transcontinental RR" back in Time (1885) Click Here to follow "Transcontinental RR" forward in Time  Following their merger in 1870, the Southern Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads became the most powerful railroad in the West. On this date in 1885, the Southern Pacific railroad decided to take control of their partner, the Central Pacific, placing both companies under the Southern Pacific name.
   The Central Pacific completed the first trans-continental railroad in 1969 at Promontory Utah. In 1883, the Southern Pacific (under the charter of the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway) completed the second Trans-Continental railroad at Sierra Blanca in West Texas.
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Veterans Desk
Sons of the Republic of Texas Founded
AUSTIN   (1922)    The Sons of the Republic of Texas was founded on this date in 1922.