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Vol 8, No 15 January 15, 1978 Sunday Evening
Dallas Crushes Denver in Super Bowl XII
Today in Sports
Baltimore beats Dallas in the Playoff Bowl
MIAMI FL Click Here to follow "Dallas Cowboys" back in Time (1966) Click Here to follow "Dallas Cowboys" forward in Time  During their 1965 season, the Dallas Cowboys came off 5 straight losses to win 5 of their last 7 games and finish the season with 7 wins and 7 losses, their best season thus far. Advancing to the Playoff Bowl in Miami, the Cowboys were eliminated with a loss of 35-3 to the Baltimore Colts.    More about "Dallas Cowboys" on the Web

Born This Date
Alan Lomax born in Austin
AUSTIN   (1915) Click Here to follow "Alan Lomax" forward in Time  American folklorist and musicologist Alan Lomax is born in Austin on this date in 1915. He was the first to record such artists as Lead Belly and Woody Guthrie. It was Lomax who gave Bob Dylan his legendary thumbs down when Dylan introduced an electric guitar in his performance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965.    More about "Alan Lomax on the Web

Orange Crushed 27-10
NEW ORLEANS LA Click Here to follow "Dallas Cowboys" back in Time(1978)Click Here to follow "Dallas Cowboys" forward in Time  At the Superdome in New Orleans, Denver's Orange Crush ran up against the Doomsday Defense of the Dallas Cowboys in Superbowl XII on this date in 1978. During the game, Tony Dorsett, ran for 66 yards on 15 carries before an injury took him from the game. Shortly thereafter, Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach suffered an injury to his throwing hand.
   But it was the co-players of the game, Harvey Martin and Randy White, stars of the famed "Doomsday Defense" that closed the door of Broncomania, and gave Dallas a 27-10 victory in Superbowl XII. The emotional victory inspired the players to hoist Tom Landry on thier shoulders. This was the Cowboys second Superbowl victory.
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Aviation Desk
Flight 1549 Ditches in Hudson, All 155 Survive
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Flight 1549" back in Time (2009)    On this date in 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 bound for Charlotte NC from New York, lost all engine power and was forced to land in the Hudson River alongside Manhattan.
    The pilot of Flight 1549, Chesley B Sullenberger from Denison, Texas, successfully guided the plane to a wings level, nose up, no landing gear touch down within blocks of New York's Circle Route dock, where within minutes, the plane was surrounded by ferry boats lifting passengers from the wings of the craft.
    All the crew on board put their best training to use, performing a miraculous and letter perfect evacuation. Captain Sullenberger made two walk-throughs of the plane, in waste deep and ice cold water, to insure that all passengers had safely left the plane, before abandoning the plane himself.
   Captain Sullenberger, a 28 year veteran of US Airways graduated from Denison High School before attending the Air Force Academy, and two earning Master's Degrees, one from Purdue and the other from the University of Northern Colorado.
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Capitol Desk
Town of Waterloo Incorporates
WATERLOO   (1839)    On this date in 1839, the town of Waterloo is incorporated along the banks of the Colorado not far from the ancient Barton Springs. Later, the town would be named in honor of the Father of Texas, Stephen F Austin, and be declared the State Capitol.   More about "Austin" on the Web

Education Desk
Texas Memorial Museum opens in Austin
AUSTIN   (1939)    On this date in 1939, the Texas Memorial Museum opened at the University of Texas in Austin.   More about "Univ of Texas" on the Web

Political Desk
UT announces LBJ School of Public Service
AUSTIN Click Here to follow "LBJ" back in Time (1966) Click Here to follow "LBJ" forward in Time  The University of Texas announced on this date in 1966, that the new building for the LBJ library would also become the home to a new school, The LBJ School of Public Service. It would eventually be named the LBJ School of Public Affairs.