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Vol 8, No 184 July 3, 1965 Saturday Evening
Famed horse Trigger dies at 33
Today in Sports
Rangers score 12 in the 15th, set new Record
OAKLAND CA Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" back in Time (1983) Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" forward in Time  In a 4-4 tie game at Oakland that extended into the 15th inning, the Texas Rangers set a new single extra inning Major League record on this date in 1983.
   Breaking the 4-4 tie, the Rangers scored 12 runs in the top of the 15th inning, then held Oakland scoreless in the bottom of the inning to win the game 16-4 in 15 innings.
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Born This Date
Actress Betty Buckley born in Fort Worth
FORT WORTH   (1947)    On this date in 1948, Betty Lynn Buckley was born in Fort Worth. She graduated from Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth in 1964. She joined the show cast of Six Flags Over Texas and later performed at Casa Manana.
   Buckley went on to Broadway where she gave a classic performance of "Memories" in the musical "Cats".
   From 1977-1981, she starred as Abby in hit television series, "Eight is Enough". Her television career continued for years, most notably as an attorney in Law & Order, Special Victims Unit.
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Roy Rogers and Trigger
HOLLYWOOD CA Click Here to follow "Roy Rogers" back in Time(1965)Click Here to follow "Roy Rogers" forward in Time  On this date in 1965, Roy Rogers beautiful palamino horse, "The Smartest Horse in the West" died at Roy's Hidden Valley Ranch in California. Trigger was 33.
   Trigger started life as "Golden Cloud" and first appeared in 1938 in the feature film "The Adventures of Robin Hood" ridden by Olivia de Havilland. When Columbia was preparing the film "Under Western Stars" their own star, Gene Autry, failed to show up. So the lead roll went to Roy Rogers.
   Roy had appeared in several movies in the 1930s. Before the filming began on "Under Western Stars", Hudkins Stables brought in their best lead horses. Golden Cloud was the third horse Roy saw, and he immediately took to it. Roy's sidekick, Smiley Burnette commented how quick on the trigger the horse was. Roy agreed, and decided that Trigger would be a perfect name for the horse. Roy bought Golden Cloud for $2,500, renamed him.
   In all of Roy and Trigger's 80 films and 100 television episodes, Trigger never once fell. In fact, he was a natural, and knew when he had done things right. Trigger became so popular that he had his own fan club with members from all over the world.
   Following Triggers death in 1965, Roy did not want to bury the horse, so instead, he had the horse mounted by Bishoff's Taxidermy and placed on display at the Roy Rogers Museum.
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Religion Desk
Folk Saint, Healer dies at Falfurrias
FALFURRIAS   (1907)    On this date in 1907, Pedro Jaramillo died. Jaramillo became a "curandero" or healer, when as a young man he had a vision that God had given him special healing powers.
   Without any medical training, Jaramillo received many people for healing, who otherwise would have to travel over 50 miles to the nearest doctor. Donations were used for food for his "patients" with any surplus donated to local churches.
   His grave in Falfurrias has since become a shrine still visited by those seeking healing.

Travel Desk
Natural Bridge Caverns opens near New Braunfels
NEW BRAUNFELS Click Here to follow "Caves" back in Time (1963)    On this date in 1964, Natural Bridge Caverns between San Antonio and New Braunfels, was opened to the public.   More about "Caves" on the Web