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Vol 8, No 300 October 26, 1944 Thursday Evening
Bomber Pilot Dies trying to save Crew in Pacific
Carswell dies in Crash
WASHINGTON DC  (1944)Click Here to follow "Carswell" forward in Time  On this date in 1944, the crew of Major Horace Carswell's B-24 had to bail out after the plane received critical damage. One of his crew was not so lucky. His parachute was shot up, and a jump meant sure death. Carswell stuck with his plane attempting to land it despite the damage. However, the plane was too badly damaged, and it crashed into a mountain side. In 1948, the Air Force honored the heroism of Major Carswell, by changing the name of Fort Worth Army Airfield to Carswell Air Force Base. The Base served as a major Stategic Air Command base throughout the Cold War.