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Vol 8, No 72 March 12, 1860 Monday Evening
The Joly departs LaSalle and Returns to France
LaSalle Stranded
NEW ORLEANS LA Click Here to follow "LaSalle" back in Time(1685)Click Here to follow "LaSalle" forward in Time  On this date in 1685, the warship Joly, departs LaSalle's settlement near Matagorda, and sets sail for France, leaving La Salle and his remaining settlers stranded in the wilderness. France never returned with more supplies.
   Just three years before, LaSalle traveled down the Mississippi River from the Great Lakes, and claimed the river and it's tributaries for France. Now, landing in Texas, and searching for the mouth of the Mississippi, LaSalle explores much of Texas, as far east as the Piney Woods, west as far as the Pecos River, and south all the way to the Rio Grande.
   Because of his explorations throughout Texas, many held that Texas belonged to the French rather than the Spanish. The matter was not settled when Louisiana was sold by the French to the United States in 1803. Many still held that Texas was part of that Louisiana Purchase, and migrated from Louisiana into Texas under that belief. It was not until 1819, that the United States gave up it's claim to Texas (under the Louisiana Purchase), in exchange for Spain relinquishing claim to Florida.
   Early expeditions and settlements in East Texas and the coastal areas, were due in great part to LaSalle's ill fated landing at Matagorda and his establishment of Fort Saint Louis.

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Grant to Zavala to settle families in Texas
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Colonization" back in Time (1829)    On this date in 1829, a grant was awarded to Lorenzo de Zavala to begin settling families in Texas.

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Oilman Columbus M (Dad) Joiner born in Alabama
LAUDERDALE AL   (1860) Click Here to follow "East TX Oil" forward in Time  On this date in 1860, Columbus Marion (Dad) Joiner was born in Lauderdale County, Alabama. He served in the legislature in Tennessee, lost two fortunes in Oklahoma, and in 1926, settled in Dallas. In October, 1930, after several failure and near bankruptcy, Dad Joiner discovered the largest oil field in history near Henderson Texas. The East Texas Oilfield led to boom towns all over the area, including Kilgore, where on one acre, more oil was produced in a day that any place on earth. It became known as the "World's Richest Acre".   More about "East TX Oil" on the Web

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Corpus Christi Naval Air Station commissioned.
CORPUS CHRISTI   (1941)    On this date in 1941, the Naval Air Station at Corpus Christi was commissioned.